20% Discount on Biohacking Conference Kyiv on World Immunity Day. Let’s Take Care of Health Together!

20% Discount on Biohacking Conference Kyiv on World Immunity Day. Let’s Take Care of Health Together!

World Immunity Day is celebrated annually on March 1. The holiday was approved by the World Health Organization. It is aimed at drawing public attention to immune system reinforcement and immune deficiency issues.

Human immunity must-know

According to WНO, the immune system condition of 80% of Earth inhabitants depends on the surrounding atmosphere and lifestyle. Stress, vicious habits, non-balanced diet, lack of useful substances in the body, excessive physical exercises, uncontrolled drug intake and polluted environment damage the immunity. A poor immune system results in ill-being, various diseases and worse life quality.

To prevent disease development and maintain seamless body functioning, you should adhere to the healthy living concept and implement immune stimulation measures. At the same time, you should take a serious approach to each health optimization step.

How to improve the immune system?

A proper approach to life style correction and efficient ways of disease prevention will be discussed at Biohacking Conference Kyiv.

The event will take place on March 26 and bring together researchers, doctors, genetic scientists and other specialists. Speakers will explain how to strengthen the immune system and enhance body functions using innovative approaches.

Discount on Biohacking Conference Kyiv tickets

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The special offer is valid between February 28 and March 6.

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