Biohacking in Action: How Genetic Test Results Can Help to Organize Ultimate Nutrition. Part 2

Biohacking in Action: How Genetic Test Results Can Help to Organize Ultimate Nutrition. Part 2

One of the most reliable and efficient ways of diagnostics is DNA tests. They allow to define human genetic traits. Such analyses provide an apparent and detailed picture of the body state.

Currently, the market consists of Ukrainian and foreign companies providing DNA test services. There are complex studies allowing to obtain not only information about the intolerance to different nutrients but also the disposition toward disease development, physiology peculiarities, origin, etc. Besides, specialized laboratories conduct analyses aimed at genetic trait examination related to a human diet.

Who should pass genetic tests? What is the role of DNA research in nutrition optimization? These issues are revealed by Lyudmyla Goncharova, a geneticist, dietarian with 16 years of experience, author of two scientific patents, founder of the author’s health improvement techniques and weight management based on genetic nutrition.

Who should take the genetic test and why?

“Genetic tests are recommended to everyone,” Lyudmyla Goncharova stresses.

Completing the DNA investigation, people find out what affects their well-being, vital power, and appearance. Thus, they can independently correct a diet without doctors.

According to the expert, genetic testing is useful to the following categories of patients:

Couples who are going to have a baby

To make a newborn healthy, one should assess the lifestyle of future parents, their nutrition and activity, as well as their diseases. They have to carry out a check-up, an examination implying biochemical, immunologic, hormonal analyses, and hardware diagnostics. Doctors can determine an underlying risk for illnesses and a probability of mutations at the genetic level.

Genetic tests give comprehensive information about the germ cell quality of both partners. In case of any problems, a couple can undergo a course of treatment in order to give birth to a healthy child.


Parents are interested in this kind of tests. They allow to identify body and development properties of children.

Lyudmyla notes that the DNA test discovers the following aspects:

  • how to feed a child to ensure benefits of all systems of the growing body;

  • talents and capabilities of the baby: the propensity for various sports, a type of information perception, the speed of idea generation, abilities for mathematics, drawing, music, data analysis, etc.;

  • potential diseases and prevention measures.

“Many people address us in order to improve child health and get rid of some illnesses. It can be frequent cold-related diseases, allergies, gastrointestinal tract disorders. When kids get better, parents start focusing on their own health,” the geneticist says.


A hormone system develops during rapid growth. With teenagers being unaware of their body needs, they can suffer from excess weight, menstrual disorders of young girls, allergies, acne, furunculosis, and thyroid dysfunction. Genetic tests provide full information about body features and condition, helping to avoid eating disorders, insecurities, and psychological problems.

“Working with child analyses, we explain their anatomy and body functions. Therefore, kids learn how to eat properly and gain the necessary results,” the dietarian states.

Men and women at a mature age

Both men and women strive for preserving their health and good appearance. The DNA analysis is able to prevent and treat such diseases as diabetes, angor pectoris, ischemia, and heart rhythm disorders.

What genetic test information can be used to optimize nutrition?

The analysis results will show what products are digested better and worse. Three parameters are assessed: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. If the body lacks certain ferments, a part of them can fail to digest. The DNA test gives enough information about 800+ products, including data on three types of allergic responses.

“A single spice, e.g. black pepper, can be inappropriate to your body. It means that all food flavored with it won’t digest. It will be blocked by the immune system in the intestines, causing the inflammatory process,” the expert explains.

Lyudmyla mentions that the DNA test results unveil the given data:

  • the daily requirement of protein, fat, and carbohydrates;

  • an approximate nutrition plan;

  • the description of musculoskeletal system characteristics and physical activity tips;

  • the disposition toward muscular wasting during a diet;

  • metabolism features and the feeling of hunger or satiety.

How often should one pass nutrigenetic tests?

Nutrigenetic tests are conducted once in a lifetime. Besides, Lyudmyla highlights that the analysis can be repeated to monitor body changes.

“If you are interested in enhancing your DNA, a repeated nutrigenetic test should be passed in 5-7 years. It allows us to see the reduction of liability to diseases,” the expert asserts.

Reportedly, adhering to recommendations based on the genetic test, people will be able to boost the immune system and prolong youth.

“Our patients look 10-15 years younger after six months of fulfilling tips. They increase the immunity by 28-30% on the average (estimated by analyses),” Lyudmyla says.

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Can we trust genetic tests?

According to Lyudmyla, genetic test results always exceed patient expectations. DNA research provides people with crucial knowledge, an individual key to physical and mental health.

“I have been working with genetic analyses for more than 10 years. I know for a fact that people recover pretty fast, since the first days of compliance with a dietary pattern. The stabilization time lasts 3-6 months. Patients recommend my techniques to their close ones, friends, and relatives. Over a long period, I have been making sure in the quality of analyses and accuracy of my recommendations, examining the dynamics,” the expert notes.

On March 26, Lyudmyla Goncharova will speak at Biohacking Conference Kyiv and tell the audience about an individual approach to nutrition based on the DNA test and other biohacking methods aimed at health improvement.

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