Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020: All about Efficient Health Optimization Methods and Tools

Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020: All about Efficient Health Optimization Methods and Tools

On March 26, 2020, the capital of Ukraine will see the first Biohacking Conference Kyiv. This event is about biohacking as an innovative tool of body and brain advancement. The event will unite scientists from different countries, experienced biohackers, qualified physicians, and specialists of related fields.

At the conference, the leading experts will explain how to improve the performance of all body systems, prevent illnesses, increase productivity and life expectancy. Speakers will share theoretical and practical knowledge, present innovative solutions and tools intended to prolong juvenescence and maintain health.

Who should attend the conference?

The event will be useful for biohackers, supporters of a healthy lifestyle, as well as everyone who wants to take control over their body, boost intellectual capacity, become more efficient and energetic.

Guests will get to know about the main principles of biohacking, learn to distinguish between useful and harmful body optimization techniques, find out about efficient programs for health improvement, and will understand where to get reliable information about the advancement of the body and mind.

What to expect of the event?

The conference program will consist of theoretical and practical parts. In their reports, speakers will reveal the solutions to problems that people face in everyday life. Among other things, they will explain how to improve well-being, reduce stress, normalize sleeping, and increase sports results.

Experts will show exercises aimed to maintain beauty and wellness, present innovative devices, and give advice on the improvement of life quality. All information will be delivered in a clear and understandable language.

Presentations will cover the following themes:

  • Biohacking under the microscope. Specialists will disprove myths about aging, as well as explain differences between biohacking, healthy lifestyle, and medicine. Parallels will be drawn between the health parameters of biohackers and ordinary people.
  • How to distinguish between useful and harmful biohacking methods? Experts will speak about the main principles of evidence-based healthcare and share ways to support well-being. Besides, they will explain where to find reliable medical information on the Internet, which you can use for the independent control of body processes.
  • Why should one optimize sleeping and what steps should be taken for this purpose? Discussing this theme, experts will mention how sleep influences human life activity, how important it is in our lives, how to optimize the diet according to the principles of chronobiology, and will provide examples of tools intended to normalize sleep.
  • What steps should be taken to improve health? As part of this theme, speakers will review why medical checkups are essential and what health parameters you should track first. Specialists will separately discuss how not to harm yourself by taking nootropics, vitamins, food supplements, and medicine.
  • A practical approach to body optimization. Here experts will talk about anti-aging techniques and methods for metabolism improvement. They will demonstrate wearable devices and implants used by biohackers. Besides, specialists will present workout programs and functional ways to improve sports results.
  • How to boost intellectual abilities and mental health? Specialists will consider practical ways of improving cognitive functions and explain how to manage stress and always be in a good mood. Special attention will be paid to the importance of psychotherapy and meditations.

The registration to Biohacking Conference Kyiv is already open. Use the special early bird offering and buy tickets at a reduced price.

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