Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2021 on Improving the Body and Prolonging Youth Will Be Held in November

Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2021 on Improving the Body and Prolonging Youth Will Be Held in November

The second Biohacking Conference Kyiv will take place this autumn! If you want to learn about the optimization of all body systems, strengthening physical and mental health through advanced solutions, new technologies and innovative practices, then this event is for you.

Date: November 16.

Location: Oasis conference hall, Kyiv.

The event will bring together the leading Ukrainian scientists, medical specialists, biohackers and many others who care about their health.

Activities for guests of the event

At Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2021, you will learn how to safely improve your body, bring your physical and mental abilities to a new level. The event will help to learn new knowledge about effective approaches to improving your well-being and understand advanced tools for becoming healthier, more good-looking and productive.

The topics addressed by the speakers will include:

  • Healthy sleep is the key to an active and colorful life: How circadian rhythms work and why they are important for our health
  • Balance of body and mind. Meditation as a path to longevity
  • Youth without beauty injections. How to maintain skin tone without invasive cosmetology
  • Our body can do everything! How to choose the optimal physical activity and improve athletic performance
  • Sharp mind, high intelligence, and resilience: best practices for improving mind and mental health
  • Hack the brain and enhance performance to the maximum. How to improve concentration, memory and reaction speed
  • Stress gone. How to prevent nervous tension and bad mood from affecting your health.
  • How to gain a superpower by optimizing nutrition. Nutrients overview.

At the event, guests will be able to attend the demo zone, meeting the manufacturers of dietary supplements and vitamins, developers of gadgets and applications for health monitoring, companies and organizations that are engaged in body diagnostics, treatment of various diseases, and many other businesses presenting their products and services.

Who will be interested

The event will unite everyone interested in improving health, developing intelligence and dreaming of living to a hundred years or longer. Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2021 is worth attending for:

  • biohackers;
  • medical workers;
  • healthcare representatives;
  • device developers;
  • creators or suppliers of bioactive supplements;
  • athletes;
  • people who care about health and dream of prolonging youth.

Join the event at a discounted price

Registration to the biohacking conference is already open. Get an early bird ticket at a reduced cost. The price at the start of sales is 2,000 UAH only!

Hurry up to buy a ticket before the price goes up. Join Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2021 and learn the main secrets of health optimization.

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