Biohacking for Beginners: Tips and Recommendations

Biohacking for Beginners: Tips and Recommendations

Biohacking is one of the main trends in modern society. It helps to improve health, increase productivity, and prolong life. Today successful entrepreneurs, actors, musicians, IT specialists, politicians, and many others become followers of this movement.

Despite the wide popularity of biohacking, not everyone understands how to initiate a body upgrade. Let us see what newbies should pay attention to and what actions to take for a start.

Biohacking for newbies:
what is it important to know?

Biohacking is a comprehensive approach to health optimization and improvement of life quality. Its core idea is the constant advancement of body and mind. Supporters of the movement strive to take control over all life systems, hack their bodies, and finally move beyond their limits.

One of the main characteristics of biohacking is a personalized approach to health. Everything starts with the process of studying the body and defining its keynote parameters. Collected data is analysed in detail. Biohackers rely on scientific research and medical achievements. Basing on obtained results, they take decisions regarding the conduct of certain interventions (any interference in the natural development of the body).

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Overall, biohackers set a variety of goals of different scale. Some of them are:

  • control and improvement of physical and psychological health;
  • body detox;
  • boost of physical performance;
  • development of mental capacity;
  • advancement of productivity;
  • beauty maintenance and restoration;
  • reduction of physiological age;
  • life prolongation and many other things.

To attain their goals, biohackers follow diets, optimize physical load, meditate, and take dozens of medicine.

It is thought that only well-off people can afford biohacking methods. In fact, you do not need to have a large fortune in order to upgrade life and health. The most important thing is to learn to listen to your body and give it what it requires most of all be it medication, quality sleep, sport, or diet.

Healthy lifestyle and biohacking: what is the difference?

Do not confuse biohacking and a healthy lifestyle. These notions are similar but not identical. A healthy lifestyle implies the fulfillment of general recommendations intended to preserve health, prevent diseases, and strengthen the body. Biohacking is a deeper interference in life processes. It implies an individual approach to health optimization and allows managing different aspects of life activity.

Besides, a healthy lifestyle and biohacking have different goals, as well as approaches to their achievement. For example, a person that leads a healthy lifestyle usually goes running to maintain health and keep fit. A biohacker primarily runs in order to improve a certain body parameter. Moreover, the biohacker runs a clearly defined distance, adheres to a certain diet before and after a workout, and controls the pulse rate before, during, and after running.

Experts say that a healthy lifestyle is about disease prevention, and biohacking is about human advancement.

Biohacking: how to start?

If you got interested in biohacking, you need to familiarize yourself with the main principles followed by adepts of this movement. Let us review three important steps that biohackers make on their way to the better version of themselves.

Complete diagnostics

To get a personalized program of health upgrade, you need to study all the peculiarities of your body. The best assistant in the solution of this task is diagnostics.

Experienced biohackers advise undergoing a comprehensive medical checkup. It helps to detect illnesses and existing health risks. Apart from traditional lab tests, it is important to do a DNA test. With its help, you will learn about the predisposition to diseases, your physical capacity, and food intolerance.

Before you undergo diagnostics and medical tests, experts recommend that you stop taking medicine and vitamins. This helps to identify the level of your health and what deviances you have more accurately.

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Consultation with doctors and preparation of an individual biohacking program

After the diagnostics, the first thing to do is to consult a doctor and a nutrition expert. Having your lab test findings, qualified specialists can give appropriate recommendations on health improvement. For example, a family therapist can prescribe you medication to treat or prevent illnesses, biohacking vitamins, and a nutrition specialist can help to choose a correct diet. Basing on these tips, you can form your health modernization program.

It is important to understand that biohacking of body and brain will bring desired results only in the case when actions intended to optimise health are taken with due regard for peculiarities and needs of the body. For example, if you detect carbohydrate intolerance, doctors can recommend that you exclude products rich in this organic substance from your ration.

Tracking of health changes and analysis of results

To control health, biohackers track all changes in the body. For this purpose, they undergo medical checkups and use devices. The latter include fitness bracelets, pulsimeters, sleep trackers, and other devices. With their help, users control heart rate, arterial pressure, the number of steps they walk and calories they consume, duration of sleep phases, and many other parameters.

All changes that take place in the body are tracked and analyzed. Based on obtained data, biohackers take decisions regarding the correction of the treatment regimen or preventive treatment.

Here is an example: the patient has a predisposition to obesity. To minimize this risk, the therapist prescribes medicine and vitamins, the nutrition specialist offers a diet, and the trainer drafts a workout program. The biohacker starts following all recommendations. He or she can check the efficiency of the chosen approach by tracking changes in the body and comparing results. If it turns out that the approach to risk reduction does not bring positive results, it will be necessary to change the chosen methods.

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What interventions do biohackers use?

To optimize health, biohackers resort to different interventions. Here is the list of the most common and efficient interventions.

  • Normalization of nutrition. Biohackers stop eating harmful products such as soda, fast food, semi-prepared food, sweets, starchy food, fried food, etc. Vegetable and organic food, low-glycemic index products make the backbone of the diet. The ration has to be balanced to provide the person with all substances required for the normal functioning of the body. Many biohackers practice fasting. If you decide to follow their example, make sure that you do not have contraindications to such a diet.
  • Optimization of physical load. Sport is important not only to maintain the beauty and normal muscle tone but also to improve health.
  • Sleep hygiene. Biohackers state that it is important to sleep for around 8 hours. Chose a dark place with cool air. It is necessary to go to sleep and wake up at the same time. Besides, it is recommended not to use the smartphone, tablet, computer, or TV-set several hours before sleep.
  • Administration of pills and food supplements. There is different biohacking medicine including nootropics, antidepressants, hormones, vitamins, dietary supplements, and many others. Some enthusiasts daily take several dozens of pills to optimize their body. However, if you opt for this kind of intervention, do not forget that it is necessary to get medicines only on prescription from a doctor. Self-medication may be unsafe.
  • Control of psychological health. It is important to take care of not only physical health but also mental health. You need to avoid stress, meditate, and visit a psychotherapist when required.
  • Body care. Attractive appearance also influences the quality of life. Cosmetic procedures and face fitness help biohackers to stay young and good-looking.


If you decide to become a biohacker, it is important to understand that the main feature of this movement is consistency. To optimize health and improve life, it is insufficient to follow a diet and start taking vitamins. You need to make biohacking your life style. Only then, you will manage to achieve the desired results.

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