Biohacking Diet. New Approach to Healthy Nutrition

Biohacking Diet. New Approach to Healthy Nutrition

Biohacking involves a comprehensive approach to body optimization. Supporters of this movement take care of both physical and mental health. Besides, they work on the improvement of their intellectual abilities and take measures to increase performance. One of the ways to achieve all these goals is the correct approach to nutrition.

How do biohackers optimize their ration and what diets do they follow? Read in the article below.

Biohacking: what you need
to know about the upgrade of diet

Diet optimization is one of the vital steps on the way to improve your general condition and life quality. Biohackers do not take diets as a simple element of a healthy lifestyle. It is a tool to support health, advance brain functions, and reduce biological age.

Supporters of biohacking practice personalized approach to body upgrade. This also relates to nutrition. It is important to choose the diet with consideration to the peculiarities and needs of the person. To define them, biohackers undergo medical checkups and do dozens of lab tests including genetic testing. Diagnostics allows detecting diseases and health risks. Besides, it helps to define characteristics of metabolism, food intolerance, percentage of body fat, and many other parameters. Basing on this data, the nutrition specialist chooses a certain diet for every person.

For example, if the patient is diagnosed with obesity, the doctor will choose a diet that helps to reduce the amount of body fat and grow muscle bulk. If the person has a deficit of body weight, the doctor will develop a nutrition program that allows gaining weight without harm to health.

To check the efficiency of the chosen diet, biohackers do repeated examinations. If the new diet turns out not to bring positive results, the nutrition specialist will correct the program.

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Diet of biohackers: main
principles of healthy eating

The well-known phrase is “We are what we eat”. Biohackers are aware of how genuine this saying is and pay much attention to the selection of a diet. People choose their own nutrition program to hack and boost the body. The biohacking community has general principles of healthy eating followed by many supporters of this movement. Some of the rules are:

  • The ration excludes junk food, which includes all products that bring no use to the body. The examples are semi-prepared food, fast food, starchy food, fried food, different sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup), chips, carbonated beverages, sweets, etc.
  • Vegetable and organic foods make the basis of the diet. At the same time, it is not necessary to give up on meat products.
  • No salt or sugar. Excessive consumption of sugar facilitates the development of cardiovascular diseases, skin deterioration, and leads to obesity. Lovers of salty food are at risk of developing osteoporosis. Biohackers think that elimination of sugar use and reduction in salt consumption can help to maintain beauty and health.
  • Complete refusal to eat industrially processed food. Such products are thought to contain preservation agents and supplements that negatively affect the health state. If the biohacker wants to eat a sausage, he will not go to the supermarket to buy it. He will cook it from organic products instead.
  • Rejection of alcohol. Alcoholic beverages not only lead to the development of different illnesses but also degrade the quality of sleep. Biohackers believe that if you do not drink alcohol, you can improve many health parameters and overall life quality.
  • Intermittent fasting. Temporary rejection of food helps to keep fit and increases productivity.

At first thought, it can seem that biohacking resembles a healthy lifestyle in the issues of diet optimization. In fact, that is not quite the case. A healthy lifestyle involves measures intended to correct eating habits in order to prevent illnesses, maintain well-being, and strengthen the body. Biohacking has broader goals. Supporters of this movement follow diets not only to feel good. They strive to boost brain productivity, cure diseases, and prolong life.

Biohacking diet. A new approach
to healthy nutrition

Today there is a wide variety of diets. Some of them offer split meals, some offer taking meals in accordance with the body clock, and the others offer rejection of certain products. Below you will find the most popular diets that modern biohackers follow.

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The ketogenic diet as an efficient
way to improve brain performance

A low carbohydrate diet envisages the consumption of high fats and moderate proteins.

The main idea of the ketogenic diet is that the body starts using ketones as a source of energy. They are organic substances, products of fat metabolism. As the person eats small amounts of protein, the body enters the state of ketosis and starts splitting fat in order to produce energy.

Famous biohacker and entrepreneur Dave Asprey checked the efficiency of the ketogenic diet by his own experience. In his book “Head Strong: The Bulletproof Plan to Activate Untapped Brain Energy to Work Smarter and Think Faster in Just Two Weeks”, he shares that this approach to eating helps not only to lose weight but also facilitates the improvement of brain performance, helps to reduce inflammatory processes in the body, and speed up energy production.

At the same time, Asprey highlights that not all fats are useful. This diet brings positive results if you eat products rich in stable saturated and monounsaturated fats, as well as Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. These substances are found in olive oil, eggs of domestic hens, seafood, salmon, fish oil, etc.

Fasting as a way to improve
health and increase productivity

Many biohackers practice intermittent fasting. This dietary pattern supposes a periodic rejection of food. Many Hollywood celebrities, entrepreneurs, and IT specialists follow this kind of diet, including the founder of the Telegram Messenger Pavel Durov, actor Thomas Hardy, model Miranda Kerr, and others.

Fasting relies on the discovery made by cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi, awarded with the Nobel Prize in 2016. We are talking about the mechanisms for autophagy. The researcher proved that cells could clean their wastes and rejuvenate. In its turn, fasting stimulates this process.

Today there are different fasting methods and systems, for example:

  • 16/8. The most widespread type of fasting. The main idea of the diet is that the person totally refuses to eat food for 16 hours and does not restrict himself in food for the next 8 hours.
  • 5/2. The person eats everything he wants for five days and for the next two days, the daily norm of consumed calories should not exceed 500.
  • Spontaneous skipping of a meal. The person skips breakfast, dinner, or supper from time to time.
  • Daily fasting. With this approach, the person goes without food for one or two days per week. At the same time, water is allowed.
  • Weekly fasting. The person does not eat anything for a week and only drinks water, tea, or coffee.

Biohackers believe that intermittent fasting helps to lose extra weight, increase productivity, and rejuvenate the body.

Despite the proven advantages of such a diet, it is important to remember that the total rejection of food even for a short time can negatively affect your health. It is necessary to consult a physician before you decide to practice fasting.

Functional nutrition
as a supplement to the basic diet

Together with food, the person gets vitamins and mineral nutrients needed for the work of all organs and life support. If the diet does not allow supplying all useful substances, functional nutrition comes to help biohackers.

Functional nutrition involves the consumption of products additionally enriched with ingredients useful for health, for example, vitamins, protein, probiotics, etc.

These products are:

  • cultured milk foods with probiotics and prebiotics;
  • cereals, bakery, and confectionery enriched with useful ferments, vitamins, and mineral nutrients;
  • concentrated drinks with healthcare effect;
  • sports nutrition, etc.

Functional nutrition does not include biologically active supplements or medicine. It is about full-fledged products that you can add to your daily food intake. They positively influence the body, among other things, improve functions of immune system, help to lose weight, and prevent different illnesses.


Health biohacking is impossible without optimization of ration. You can spend hours in the gym and take different medicine, but you will not achieve the desired results if you do not pay attention to your nutrition. Only if you follow the diet chosen in accordance with your physical characteristics, you can get better looking, healthier, and more energetic.

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