Biohacking from the predictive healthcare perspective: Presentation by Lyudmyla Turova

Biohacking from the predictive healthcare perspective: Presentation by Lyudmyla Turova

In order to prevent diseases and preserve great well-being, biohackers optimize their health in accordance with individual peculiarities of their bodies. Therapy and preventive measures based on the genetic data allow to achieve the desired results and avoid all possible side effects.

On November 11, Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020 will feature a presentation by a practicing doctor and geneticist Lyudmyla Turova who will unveil a topic: “Biohacking from the predictive healthcare and clinical genetics perspective”.

Lyudmyla is a doctor of superior expert category, perinatologist, pediatrician and nutritionist. Expert in nutrigenomics and healthy diet. Candidate of Medical Sciences. Senior research associate at the Department of clinical immunology and allergiology with a medical genetics section at Bohomolets National Medical University.

Speaker is a perinatologist at Kyiv medicogenetic center Mama Papa and a cientific consultant for the companies producing child and medical nutrition and develop innovative medical technologies.

Lyudmyla founded Gdiet – an Academic school of dietology and nutrigenetics. This is an educational platform with certified courses, webinars and workshops on various topics related to health.

In addition, Lyudmyla is an author of more than 90 research papers and four patents. As a speaker, she speaks at the training sessions for scientists and doctors. She has participated at various TV shows on STB, Inter, Telemir as an expert.

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