Biohacking: Top Nine Ways to Hack your Body

Biohacking: Top Nine Ways to Hack your Body

The modern world opens up many opportunities. To use them and achieve all the set goals, people need to stay healthy, energetic, and productive. Biohacking is an innovative tool that allows everyone interested to take control of the body and modernize it using different methods and approaches.

Here are the top nine efficient ways to upgrade the body and mind. By applying them in everyday life, you can improve mental and physical health, become more energetic, productive, as well as maintain the beauty and prolong juvenescence.

Way 1. Body diagnostics and genetic testing

The key peculiarity of biohacking is a personalized approach to health optimization. Advocates of this movement advance their bodies and mind basing on the peculiarities and needs of their bodies. To define them, biohackers do medical checkups, many different tests, regularly monitor and record numerous health parameters.

The main goal of diagnostics is to detect pathologies, define risks of disease development, and collect different body parameter data. Basing on results of medical tests, qualified physicians help to draft an individual biohacking plan intended to treat and prevent illnesses, improve health and wellbeing, as well as reduce biological age and prolong life.

An important element of diagnostics is genetic testing. This kind of research allows to:

  • diagnose current diseases;
  • define the presence of viral and bacterial infections;
  • detect the predisposition to illnesses and find inheritable cell mutations;
  • estimate the peculiarities of physiology and metabolism;
  • define food intolerances and find out what microelements are digested best of all;
  • learn about the peculiarities of origin and many others.

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Specialists state that DNA testing like no other analysis allows obtaining much information within one research, which may turn out to be useful in subsequent health optimization.

It is important that biohacking of the body does not end with one-time diagnostics. If you take measures to improve one or several health parameters, you should monitor the efficiency of this intervention using additional screenings.

For example, a biohacker is diagnosed with high blood cholesterol. The doctor prescribes him some drugs and a diet, which have to lead to the normalization of this parameter. The patient is following the recommendations of the doctor for a certain period. Afterward, he does the tests once again and visits the doctor. If it turns out that the treatment is not efficient, the doctor will correct the course of the therapy.

If you decide to optimize and upgrade your body, do not forget that self-treatment is dangerous for health. Before you start taking any medicine or getting manipulation treatment, make sure to consult a qualified doctor.

Way 2. Change the approach to nutrition

Physical health, performance, and even life expectancy depend on how healthily the person eats. Thanks to the correction of the diet, one can get in excellent shape, as well as improve wellbeing and mood.

It is important to choose biohacking products with particular care. You can get consultations of qualified nutritionists regarding the individual ration at Biohacking Conference Kyiv on March 26.

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Meanwhile, we suggest that you read the general rules that many biohackers follow.

  • Avoidance of products that are harmful to health, industrially processed food, alcohol, and sugar. Minimization of salt consumption.
  • Vegetable and organic food make the basis of the diet.
  • During the correction of the diet, one needs to take into account the presence of food intolerance and the peculiarities of nutrients’ digestibility.
  • The food that makes the basis of the ration has to contain vitamins that are useful for the functioning of the body, amino acids, and other substances.

Besides, in order to hack and update the body, biohackers follow such approaches to nutrition as:

  • the ketogenic diet – involves eating low carb and high-fat foods. At the same time, the quantity of consumed proteins has to be moderate;
  • intermittent fasting – biohackers practice cyclic fasting when they fully refuse to eat for a certain time. This period may last from several hours to seven and more days.

By following a balanced diet, you can advance your physical form and significantly improve health.

Way 3. Sleep quality improvement

As sleep is a guarantee of strong health, high performance, and a good mood, one should pay great attention to the normalization of sleep.

To improve the quality of sleep, biohackers advise adhering to the following principles:

  • Maintain a sleeping schedule. It is necessary to go to bed and wake up at the same time.
  • It is important to keep the sleeping room dark and cold.
  • It is necessary to block the cold blue light several hours before sleep. Some biohackers use special orange glasses for these purposes.
  • It is important to monitor sleep phases. It helps to diagnose its quality.

Way 4. Do sports

For biohacking supporters, physical activity is one of the most efficient interventions and an inherent part of a healthy lifestyle. Systematic sports activity facilitates the advancement of all body systems, boosts immunity, improves metabolism, prevents the development of diseases, reduces the risks of depression, and helps to keep the body good-looking.

To upgrade the body, biohackers do different kinds of sport. It can involve traditional workouts at a gym, fitness, swimming, Yoga, and many other things. Even walking in the fresh air and cycling in the city will bring health benefits.

To get the maximum effect from sports, it is a great idea to consult the trainer before the start of workouts. This person can help you to choose exercises in correspondence with your physical condition and peculiarities of body organization.

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Way 5. Improvement of mental health

Stress can cause serious health problems. It leads to the development and progress of somatic and mental illnesses. Stress management is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of excessive emotions and emotional tension. A stress manager can help to master this approach.

Biohackers try not only to fight stress but also to prevent its arrival. Here, meditation comes to assistance. If you find difficult to manage emotions on your own, you should turn to a psychotherapist for help.

Way 6. Advancement of brain functions

Brain activity depends on many factors including the quality of sleep, nutrition, physical activity levels, etc. For this reason, in order to improve brain activity, people not only use special techniques but also change lifestyles.

For example, learning new skills, developing new habits, listening to music, etc. have a positive impact on brain activity.

Biohackers also use more innovative ways to advance brain activity. For example, they apply electrical stimulators to improve cognitive abilities.

Way 7. Cleansing the body of harmful substances

To normalize body functioning, one should regularly cleanse it of toxins and other substances that can do harm to health. Detox serves this purpose, allowing you to avoid possible intoxications, boost immunity, normalize metabolism, and improve overall wellbeing.

For a full-fledged detox, one should adhere to a diet that mainly consists of products that facilitate the body clearance of toxic substances. Besides, you should maintain the water balance. When required, the doctor can prescribe you intestinal sorbents.

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Way 8. Use of innovative gadgets

Not only medical checkups allow people to monitor different health parameters. Special gadgets are also used to control numerous body parameters.

Biohackers make use of the following devices:

  • Sleep trackers. They allow monitoring the time of going to bed and awakening, track sleep phases, measure pulse rate, and other characteristics.
  • Fitness trackers. Devices intended to monitor parameters related to physical activity. They allow measuring the distance traveled, the number of consumed calories, heart rate variability, and many other things.
  • Smart scales. Devices for measuring physiological parameters. These devices are intended to define body weight, the percentage ratio of fat, muscles, fluid, and bone tissue.
  • Chest-worn pulsimeters. Biohackers recommend using these devices while doing sports. They allow monitoring such parameters of workouts as the pace of running, pulse, etc.

Way 9. Cosmetic care

Human mood and wellbeing also depend on a person’s appearance. If the person is not happy with his mirror reflection, it can be one of the reasons for depression.

To remain young and good-looking, specialists recommend doing various cosmetic procedures. You even do not need to visit beauty parlors to obtain a positive effect. You can do all the required procedures, including face masks, body wrapping, hair care, massages, and many other things, at home.

Do you want to learn more about body and mind upgrade? Attend Biohacking Conference Kyiv, which will take place in the capital of Ukraine on March 26. At the event, experts in different fields and experienced biohackers will tell the audience about efficient and safe ways to optimize health and prolong life.

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