Budget Biohacking. How to Save Health Without Spending All the Money

Budget Biohacking. How to Save Health Without Spending All the Money

To improve health and life quality, biohackers take the raft of measures. They regularly undergo dozens of tests, use numerous gadgets to measure body parameters, eat organic products, as well as consume dozens of drugs and BAAs.

At first glance, biohacking may seem affordable only to wealthy people. However, the reality is that you can upgrade your life without high revenues.

How expensive is biohacking? What are the budget ways of health optimization? These issues are revealed in the article.

Biohacking in figures: how much money is required to upgrade your life?

Biohacking as an efficient method of life modernization and advancement has become widely popular in Silicon Valley. Adherents of this movement are chief executives of major companies, startupers, and top managers of well-known corporations. Not only do they strive for staying healthy, young, and productive, but many of them desire to go beyond their capabilities and become the overhuman.

For example, biohacking followers include Timothy Ferriss (investor and author), Serge Faguet (entrepreneur), Rob Rhinehart (founder of Soylent food powder), Dave Asprey (inventor of Bulletproof Coffee), and many others. Some of them share their biohacking experience with society. Therefore, everyone can estimate how much money biohackers have spent on hacking their bodies and what results they have achieved.

Serge Faguet and $250,000 on biohacking

In 2017, businessman Serge Faguet published an article on the Web, describing how he spent $200,000 to become healthier, smarter, and more active.

Serge optimized his diet, training activity, and sleep. Besides, he underwent a variety of medical tests, took hundreds of different pills and BAAs, as well as constantly visited doctors and meditated.

According to Mr. Faguet, the body upgrade lasting for 4-5 years delivered benefits. He managed to improve a lot of health indicators, become calmer, happier, more concentrated, and self-confident.

In autumn 2018, The Guardian published an article about Serge’s experience. In an interview with the newspaper, Serge Faguet said that he still kept advancing his body. By the time of material publication, his expenditures on biohacking exceeded $250,000. Moreover, he is not going to stop and will continue to update his body.

Dave Asprey and over $1 million on body hacking

Dave Asprey, a US biohacker, businessman, and author of Bulletproof Coffee, defines biohacking as “the art and science of becoming superhuman.”

“I spent 17 years and more than $1 million searching for the way to unveil a secret of achieving high performance, strength, and steady mind,” Mr. Asprey stressed.

He started optimizing health and taking the body improvement measures before biohacking became a trend. Currently, Dave Asprey keeps upgrading his body by various means, including experiments.

His main goal is to hack the biological code and live to 180+. On the way towards his objective, he keeps to a strict diet, consumes daily several dozens of biologically active additives, spends time in the altitude chamber, takes a dose of infrared light, wears yellow glasses for protection from harmful radiation, injects stem cells into joints, and implements numerous other measures.

Budget biohacking. How to save health without wasting all the money

Biohacking activity does not require dozens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can advance your body using inexpensive techniques.


Regular diagnostics is a crucial biohacking element. It allows determining body features as well as detecting diseases and health risks. Further body optimization actions will depend on the results of medical research.

In Ukrainian private clinics, complete physical examination with a range of analyses and ultrasound investigation can cost up to 10,000 UAH or more. The total price depends on the city, healthcare facility, and certain procedures.

Diagnostics will be much cheaper in public clinics and hospitals. You should not pay for doctors’ advice and different tests at such facilities. Moreover, private clinics engaged in primary healthcare reform provide Ukrainians with free services.

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Genetic tests

To figure out your DNA information, you should pass a genetic test. Such research will identify gene changes resulting in various diseases. The analysis also defines feeding intolerance, origin, metabolism characteristics, and other indicators.

A DNA test can cost several hundred dollars. However, biohackers state that this analysis is worth investments, as it allows to thoroughly explore your body.

Diet optimization

Biohackers choose a diet based on special features and demands of their bodies. Nevertheless, to support health and well-being, it is enough to follow several basic rules:

  • eliminate harmful products: junk food, sweets, starchy foods, soda, chips, and fast food. Their excessive consumption leads to obesity, atherosclerosis, digestive, endocrine, and cardiovascular system illnesses;
  • prefer vegetable food and organic products;
  • refuse sugar. It is referred to both sugar sand and all goods containing it (e.g. fruit juices, candies, etc.);
  • do not drink spirits.

Nowadays, supermarkets and markets are full of foodstuff by diverse manufacturers. It allows everyone taking care of their health to select the most appropriate goods.

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If you live in a private house or if you have a summer cottage or a small garden, you can grow vegetables and fruit on your own. Organic greens can be cultivated even in a common apartment of the high-rise building.

Physical exercise

Sports is next to good health and longevity, and it can be totally free. Before training, you should consult a skillful coach or instructor. A specialist will help you to draw up a training program and show how to perform exercises properly. Afterwards, you will be able to go in for sports at any convenient place (for instance, at home, on the street, or in the office).

Sleep recovery

Biohackers pay great attention to sleep hygiene because its quality affects plenty of body systems. Constant sleep deficiency can cause different diseases and reduce performance.

To adjust sleep, experts recommend complying with the following principles:

  • go to sleep until midnight;
  • go to sleep and wake up at the same time;
  • a sleeping place should be dark and cool;
  • do not use a PC, tablet, or smartphone before sleeping;
  • monitor dream stages using fitness trackers.

Abandoning vicious habits

Many investigations have proved that smoking leads to cancer and cardiovascular diseases, worsens skin and hair conditions, as well as results in early death. Giving up this bad habit, you will be able to prolong your life for at least 10 years. Moreover, you won’t have to waste money on cigarettes. You will be able to spend these savings on health advancement.

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Body purification

To make body systems function seamlessly, you should regularly purify it from toxins and excessive microelements. You need a balanced diet and compliance with fluid balance. Gastrointestinal adsorbents will allow to gain total detoxification. Such drugs are cheap and useful in getting out of hazardous substances.

Note: self-treatment is dangerous to health. Prior to taking any drugs, you should consult a doctor.

Fight against stress

Experiencing stress, the human body produces cortisol. The high concentration of this hormone leads to diabetes mellitus, weight gain, elevation in blood pressure, and skin thinning.

Avoid stressful situations in order not to have firsthand knowledge about cortisol oversupply consequences. Thus, you should embrace healthy lifestyle, talk to your family and friends more frequently, eat healthy food, and try to engage in activities that you like.

Focus on mental health

To improve mental health, many biohackers practice meditation.

It helps to:

  • decrease a stress level and get rid of alarm states;
  • improve mood;
  • relax the body;
  • enhance mental capabilities;
  • become more concentrated;
  • prevent depression, etc.

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Meditation does not require attending special studios or yoga classes. You can do the exercises at home.

Brain performance improvement

To advance cognitive capabilities, biohackers consume nootropics and apply brain electrical stimulators. In case of budget biohacking, you can improve brain activity by less radical and free means.

For instance, brain functions will benefit from doing crosswords, studying foreign languages, playing on musical instruments, changing habits, etc. Select the most interesting task and start advancing.

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