Is It Possible to Improve Health Using BAAs?

Is It Possible to Improve Health Using BAAs?

One of the main biohacking principles is an individual approach to specific features of each human body. Analyses and research can show that a ration requires certain microelements. To fill this gap, doctors can prescribe biologically active additives.

BAA concept

BAA concept

A biologically active additive is a drug that should be consumed along with food. It consists of the whole set of natural or nature-identical active ingredients. BAAs aim to replenish substances required for seamless body functioning in a diet.

The majority of people fail to keep balanced nutrition. According to specialists, the body obtains no more than three crucial elements with food. Therefore, you should fulfill their deficiency using vitamins and BAAs in order to be active and healthy.

What active substances are included in biologically active additives?

  • Dried or fermented plants (whole or some parts).

  • Synthetic vitamins, microelements, minerals: artificially created analogs digested by the human body.

  • Concentrated natural substances: sea salt, shilajit, honey, pollen, beebread, or other honey products, seafood, seaweeds, etc.

  • Animal-derived components: e.g. fish oil, ox-bile extract, or shark cartilage.

  • Fermentation products: cultured milk foods, soy fermentation goods, and others.

  • Antioxidants: natural or artificial materials slowing down oxidation processes in cells.

The role of BAAs in certain diseases

BAA manufacturers give a whole range of conditions where their products can be useful. Biologically active additives are designed to:

  • Improve health. They are widely used in the flu period. Drugs can consist of royal jelly, velvet antlers, spirulina, and other immunomodulators.

  • Combat stress. They enhance performance and nervous system resistance to irritants. It is referred to healing herb extracts, pollen, and so on.

  • Regulate digestion. Agents provide the anti-inflammatory effect and restore gut flora. It can be a fennel extract, chamomiles, topinambur root powder, and sour-milk ferments.

  • Reduce the cholesterol level. These BAAs prevent fat absorption. Composition: soy lecithin, chitosan, fish oil.

  • Advance a brain blood circulation. They have a positive impact on memory and attentiveness. Such additives include shark cartilage, ginseng extracts, Ginkgo Biloba, magnolia-vine.

  • Detoxification. BAAs of this group encourage a gentle clearance of radionuclides and toxins. They primarily contain vegetarian components.

The list of conditions when the ration can be complemented with biologically active additives is quite large. However, do not forget that these substances cannot replace conventional treatment using proved medical drugs.

Is it worth taking BAAs if you have no complaints?

Is it worth taking BAAs if you have no complaints?

No one is in perfect health. A lifestyle of modern people is organized in such a way that it is impossible to monitor the availability of all the necessary food elements. Comprehensive food intake is sometimes replaced with a quick bite, the ration lacks fruit and vegetables day by day, and available products do not contain all that is required.

Adding BAAs to a daily diet is a simple way to saturate cells with microelements for well-being and performance in the workplace. BAA producers assert that their drugs increase vital tonus, reduce the risk of diseases, improve information perception and attentiveness, as well as slow down aging processes.

Core principles of BAA intake

Biologically active additives should be selected in accordance with the individual needs based on the given tests. This is a task for doctors. Do not prescribe any drugs, even non-hazardous, on your own.

An additive should be introduced to the ration gradually, starting with small doses. If an allergic reaction is absent, you can keep taking agents. Specialists always ask what BAAs patients consume in order to exclude the negative interaction of all components.

Do not use biologically active additives by unknown manufacturers: they will be ineffective in the best case scenario.

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