Biohacking In Layman’s Terms

Biohacking In Layman’s Terms

Many people desire to make their life better, become healthier, younger, and more productive. Biohacking is a tool allowing to achieve all the above-mentioned goals. What is biohacking? What principles do its supporters adhere to? These issues are revealed in the article.

What is biohacking?
General idea

Wikipedia describes biohackers as enthusiasts engaged in molecular biology amateur research. They are known for equipping laboratories in their apartments, houses, and garages in order to conduct various experiments on their bodies.

Generally, biohacking is a system approach to body examination, a set of methods intended for improving health and enhancing living standards.

Biohackers primarily aim to:

  • treat and prevent different diseases;
  • prolong their life (some biohacking adherents believe that we already have methods allowing to live up to 100 or more years. They hope that eventually, we will see technologies extending life span up to 500 and 1000 years, or even overcoming death);
  • reduce the biological age;
  • increase performance;
  • improve mental health and boost brain activity;
  • prolong youth and preserve beauty;
  • enhance life quality, etc.

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Biohackers consider the human body as a mechanism that starts functioning worse in the course of time. All of its systems are seamless in early years: people remain hard-working, active, and attractive. The picture changes with aging: internal organs deteriorate, illnesses progress, skin shows age-related changes, while energy goes down. Biohacking followers believe that they are able to “hack” their bodies and take them under control using modern science, medicine, and innovative technologies.

How do biohackers
optimize their life and health?

Biohackers not just lead a healthy life. They select a complex approach to body optimization. Let’s review what steps followers of this movement take to improve their health and upgrade life quality.

Body diagnostics and doctor’s advice

Biohacking is based on regular diagnostics. Numerous medical checkups and dozens of tests allow biohackers to detect in time diseases and body deviances as well as potential health risks.

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DNA analyses are one of the crucial elements of diagnostics. They allow to define the disposition to various diseases, physical capacity, and feeding intolerance. Besides, genetic tests can determine the origin of people and discover their personal qualities.

Receiving diagnostics results, biohackers consult qualified doctors who prepare individual treatment programs as well as prescribe drugs and procedures for preventing diseases.

Diet correction

To improve health and well-being, biohackers optimize their diet. Initially, they exclude harmful products from their diet, including junk food, alcohol, sugar, industrially processed meals. Instead, they prefer organic and plant products as well as low-carb food.

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A lot of biohackers keep to a diet. A ketogenic diet is one of the most popular. It consists of products with moderate protein content and high-fat goods.

Another biohacking tool is intermittent fasting: people refuse food for 16 hours. However, they do not reduce total dietary calories.

Physical activity optimization

The well-known proverb runs: A sound mind in a sound body. Biohackers realize this and always try to stay physically active. Regular training activity helps to prevent various illnesses, maintain health, and keep the body fit. Moreover, sports improves mood and positively affects the psychological state.

Sleep recovery

Serge Faguet, a biohacker and businessman from the Silicon Valley, recommends complying with the following rules:

  • go to sleep and wake up at the same time;
  • sleep in a dark place at a temperature of 18-19 °C;
  • eliminate the cold blue light caused by smartphones, TVs and some lamps in the room 3-4 hours before sleeping. You can use special orange glasses to fend off such a light;
  • monitor dream stages.

Focus on mental health

Body biohacking also implies concern for a psychological state. To succeed in this regard, you should avoid stressful situations.

Meditation has an advantageous impact on mental health. It relaxes, improves mood, and gets rid of depression. Furthermore, psychological problems can be solved using psychotherapy.

Intake of drugs, BAAs, and vitamins

To treat illnesses and combat health risks, biohackers take not only drugs prescribed by doctors but also a variety of other agents such as different vitamins, nootropics, antidepressant medication, and biologically active additives.

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In some cases, biohacking followers try an experimental approach to medication usage. For instance, they consume metformin to prevent aging and oncology diseases. Actually, this kind of drug is prescribed for diabetes mellitus type 2.

Use of diverse gadgets

Modern biohackers apply numerous gadgets:

  • devices for monitoring body indicators: activity trackers, pulse oximeters, pulsimeters, etc.;
  • apparatus for improving health performance. For example, some enthusiasts use brain electrical stimulators to develop cognitive capabilities;
  • equipment for monitoring the environment. One of the biohackers’ goals is to form favorable surrounding conditions for life. To implement this target, they use meteorological stations, humidifiers, analyzers, and other apparatus allowing to assess the product and water quality as well determine the level of air pollution, radiation, etc.;
  • gadgets implanted into the body. Some biohackers implant devices equipped with different features into their bodies.

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Famous biohackers: who are they?

Currently, biohacking supporters can be found throughout the world. They include entrepreneurs, public figures, scientists, actors, IT specialists, and many others. Meet the top three best-known biohackers.

Founder of Bulletproof Coffee

“Is long life a super ability? It is. And I plan to live to at least 180,” Dave Asprey, a US businessman and experienced biohacker, states.

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To achieve his goal, the entrepreneur uses various methods. He keeps to a strict diet, consumes nootropics, takes a dose of infrared light, administers injections with endogenous stem cells, and relaxes in a hyperbaric oxygen tank.

Dave became famous for creating the so-called Bulletproof Coffee. This drink consists of dairy butter and middle chain triglycerides. According to the founder of this product, such a coffee helps to get rid of excess weight, improves mental capacity, and energizes.

The world’s most measured person

“I identify myself as a mindful cyborg,” US biohacker Chris Dancy said in one of the interviews.

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Despite the fact that Chris describes himself as a cyborg, mass media has touted him as “the Most Connected Human on Earth”. He obtained this characteristic because of monitoring 700 indicators of his own body for the past 10 years. It allows him to control his health and well-being.

Besides measuring vital signs, Chris applies other biohacking tools. He regularly undergoes medical tests, consumes a lot of additives, as well as corrects his sleep using specific light and temperature.

Businessman spending $200,000 on biohacking

Serge Faguet is an entrepreneur making biohacking extremely popular on the Russian Internet. In 2017, he published an article on the Web, describing his biohacking experience.

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Reportedly, to prolong life, be more active, healthier, and concentrated, Serge optimized his sleep, diet, and training activity, as well as underwent dozens of medical tests and took hundreds of pills. Moreover, he meditated a lot and consulted different doctors, including a psychotherapist. He spent $200,000 on this activity.

Serge Faguet assured that his efforts were not in vain. Biohacking allowed him to drop body fat, increase VO2Max (maximum oxygen consumption), and improve other health parameters. The entrepreneur also managed to become more confident, calmer, active, and concentrated.


Biohacking is a real way to become healthier, more beautiful, and productive. Applying this tool properly, people can fundamentally change their life. At the same time, remember that body upgrades require a careful approach. A negligent attitude to this process can cost you your health.

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