Face Fitness Expert Elena Karkukli, “I Want People to Look in the Mirror in the Morning and Smile”

Face Fitness Expert Elena Karkukli, “I Want People to Look in the Mirror in the Morning and Smile”

What is face fitness? Why is facial muscle training so popular? Does it truly work? Who may find this technique useful? Face fitness expert Elena Karkukli answers these and other questions in our interview.

Elena founded the International Face Fitness Academy (IFFA) and Faceday natural face recovery club. She is a regular guest on radio and television as an expert. Elena regularly visits other countries where she shares her experience at conferences. Her Instagram blog has over 100,000 subscribers, and her books “Faceday: the perfect face in 10 minutes a day” and “Cupping self-massage. Instant lifting” enjoy great popularity.

In the interview for Biohacking Conference Kyiv, Elena told us about her way to training, and what changes it brought into her life.

Interviewer: Biohacking Conference Kyiv (ВСК)

Respondent: Elena Karkukli (E.K.)

ВСК: Tell us how did you come to face fitness? What was the determining factor to choose this technique?

Е. К.: When I turned 32 years old, my face started changing. Despite the fact that I was taking care of myself, doing massage and care procedures, my face contours were deforming. Eye corners and lips went down, the first wrinkles and pores were visible on my skin. I was very disappointed by that.

I was looking for a solution for the whole year: turning to cosmeticians and even consulting with plastic surgery specialists. However, I could not find a suitable solution. By chance, I found out about such direction as face fitness from my sister. I found a teacher and began to learn. Soon I saw the first results. They inspired me so much that I started helping in the organization of training. Since then, I have been collecting all possible information about face fitness I could find.

Soon I began to study professionally. This is the eighth year that I have been doing this interesting thing and constantly growing as a trainer.

ВСК: How did it happen that you did not follow your profession but engaged in face fitness?

Е. К.: I have a background in law. However, as I tried facial exercises and arranged the first training, I understood that it was something I wanted to do. It gives me the energy that motivates me to go further and bring value to people. “I can build my career out of my hobby,” I thought. My personal interest pushed me to something global and important.

ВСК: You often speak on TV as an expert in face fitness. Please, tell us more about your experience.

Е. К.: I got interested in facial exercises at the time when this direction was new. I was lucky to become one of the first face fitness experts in our country. When more people found out about me, I started receiving offers from different television channels and radio stations. Thanks to this, the direction I work in received wide publicity. Both women and men understood that simple exercises could help them retain young skin and vibrant appearance.

ВСК: Whom does your method suit? Are there any counterindications?

Е. К.: You can start doing face fitness even at a young age. Many girls have the first problems with facial contours, double chin, neck wrinkles at 16-18 years of age. The reason is that many people spend time using gadgets. Curvatures of the back and neck have an impact on facial muscles.

Some of my pupils are 18 years old. We choose a different workout schedule, a milder one. We greatly focus on prevention measures, and exercises aim to relieve tension in muscles. It is important to take care of the posture from the tender age and prevent curvatures of the spine.

ВСК: Let’s talk about posture. Could you advise our readers on how to develop the habit of keeping the back straight?

Е. К.: I would like to mark two important aspects. The first one is to control your body position during the day. You should keep your head and chin parallel to the ground, and your chin and neck have to form a right angle. You should not press down your chin, as this action provokes the appearance of wrinkles.

The second aspect involves exercises intended to strengthen the muscles of your back and neck.

None of these two aspects will bring a 100% result on its own, without the second one. You will get the desired effect only if you follow all the recommendations.

ВСК: How often do you recommend doing exercises to see the results as soon as possible?

Е. К.: Many of my pupils do exercises in the morning. This is good, as your face looks fresh for the rest of the day. If you do not have such a possibility, daytime or evening exercises will also bring you benefits. The most important thing is a systematic approach.

The frequency depends on age. The older the woman is, the more effort she has to apply in order to stay fit. I recommend doing daily exercises starting from 40 years of age.

A beginner should train 25-30 minutes per day. At first, we learn to work with different face zones and to feel the muscles. This requires attention and time. When you already know the exercises quite well, the training session can take up to 15 minutes. You can draft an individual plan of training, doing exercises for a certain part of your face and neck every day.

ВСК: What results can one expect?

Е. К.: Training brings impressive results. The complex of exercises can help you to get rid of wrinkles in the corners of your eyes and lips, black circles and swellings under the eyes, relax the muscles that create a “mask”. You can even make your lips bigger! In the lessons, we model faces the way that we need. However, I always tell my pupils “Do not expect to look as if you were 20 when you are 60 years old. Instead, you will get a fresh and lifted face, bright eyes, well cared for and tender skin”.

ВСК: Is face fitness safe?

Е. К.: If you follow recommendations on how exercises should be done, it is safe. The skill is very important, as an incorrect approach can aggravate the existing problems. It is important to be attentive to what your trainer tells you, your feelings, and not to hurry. Today there is a great number of cheap face fitness courses, not all of them are safe.

ВСК: What else can you do to keep your face young and beautiful?

Е. К.: I love self-massage. It amplifies the effect of exercises and helps to relax.

It is important to take care of your skin – to use correctly selected good quality skin cleansers and nutritional products.

And, of course, what you eat and drink plays a great role. Eat more vegetables, fruits, dietary fiber, and drink fresh water and you will experience drastic changes. As for harmful habits, you’d better forget about them.

ВСК: You are a speaker at Biohacking Conference Kyiv. What will you share with the guests?

Е. К.: I want not only to talk about face fitness but also to run a workshop, which will introduce viewers to simple but efficient exercises. I find it important to tell people about the intuitive and functional method that can replace Botox injections and plastic surgeries. I want people to look in the mirror in the morning and smile.

At Biohacking Conference Kyiv, which will take place on March 26, Elena will make a presentation and share unique exercises intended to retain the beauty and juvenescence.

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