Experts against Myths: Dietarian and Immunologist Lyudmyla Goncharova. Part 1

Experts against Myths: Dietarian and Immunologist Lyudmyla Goncharova. Part 1

Biohacking involves not only the use of innovative methods intended to improve health but also the optimization of nutrition. Here, genetic tests come useful, showing what products are useful for your body.

Dietarian, author of two scientific patents and unique health improvement and weight-loss methods based on genetic nutrition Lyudmyla Goncharova shared what misbelieves prevent people from correcting the ration.

Below, you will find the infographics with 7 myths about correct nutrition that one should not believe.

Myth 1. The body knows what it needs, so I eat what it wants


This opinion is wrong although very common. Any human is a live biosystem that closely interacts with microorganisms. Their food is everything that the body does not digest. For this reason, the want to eat junk food can mean the presence of an inflammatory process.

Myth 2. My body knows when to eat


According to human physiology, it is necessary to eat every four hours, as well as to drink water half an hour before you take a meal. If you eat more often, it is not about the body’s need but just an indicator showing that cells do not receive enough nutrition.

Myth 3. Virus infection is incurable


Fortunately, it is not right. Virus infection is curable, but it takes time. For a start, you need to do medical tests in order to understand what kind of food weakens your body. After you shift to the diet that suits you genetically, you can start the treatment. However, at least 6 months should pass.

Myth 4. Bad morning mood is a character trait


Not at all. Irritability and the want to sleep until dinnertime are symptoms of the intoxication from the food you ate on the previous night. If you do not have the possibility to do lab tests to define products that suit you, take absorbents without sugar substitutes. It is necessary to drink two glasses of water after the pill.

Myth 5. Dairy products are useful


This statement is not quite true – like the statement that dairy products are harmful. All of it is very individual. If you do not have ferments that process milk, you will not receive any benefits from it. Calcium is available in a number of other products.

Myth 6. Fats are harmful


It is a dangerous misbelief, as fats are necessary. They are a part of the cell’s protective seal, as well as essential for skin health and hormone system. However, even the most useful fatty acids can be harmful to a certain person. For this reason, a personal approach is important.

Myth 7. You do not need to take vitamins, as the body takes everything from food



Unfortunately, this statement is no longer relevant. We are living in a time of bad ecology and low-quality food products grown with the use of chemicals. Residents of big cities need to take vitamin and mineral complexes.

You can read about six more nutrition myths dispelled by Lyudmyla in the second part of the article.

Lyudmyla will explain more about the method of genetic selection of food products at Biohacking Conference Kyiv on March 26.

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