Experts against Myths: Dietarian and Immunologist Lyudmyla Goncharova. Part 2

Experts against Myths: Dietarian and Immunologist Lyudmyla Goncharova. Part 2

Some misconceptions about nutrition are so widely used that even skeptics believe in them. Are they actually true as it's said? Let’s examine this issue together with Lyudmyla Goncharova, a dietarian with 16 years of experience.

Here is the second part of the infographics with myths about correct nutrition. You can review the first part of the article following the link.

Myth 1. Eating after 18:00 is harmful and leads to weight gain


It is true only partially. If body cells do not receive enough nutrients during the day, overeating is inevitable by the evening. However, if you have the products that suit you genetically for supper, you will not gain weight.

Myth 2. Healthy diets are expensive

Just the contrary. When you know the list of products that truly nourish your body cells, there is no need to buy much food, which saves you money. You will have expenditures only in the beginning – on the genetic testing and consultation with a physician.

 Myth 3. Intermittent fasting is an efficient biohacking tool


A dangerous misbelief. Intermittent fasting is very stressful and does not suit anyone. It is essential to eat in accordance with your own metabolic processes.

Myth 4. Split meals are key to health


No! The physiological interval between meals is 4 hours. If you eat in smaller intervals, the mucosa of the digestive tract does not manage to regenerate, which may lead to inflammatory processes in the body.

Myth 5. Refusal to eat meat is useful for everyone


According to our physiology, people are vultures. Our body digests animal proteins best of all. Genetic testing will show what type of meat suits you best. If the refusal of meat is a matter of principle, it is important to choose an adequate substitute.

Myth 6. Reasonable consumption of wine is useful


Not exactly. Only the alcohol that your body can digest will not do you harm.

Geneticist and dietarian Lyudmyla Goncharova will make a presentation on gene exploration to develop an individual diet pattern and health maintenance tips at Biohacking Conference Kyiv on April 28.

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