Living to 120 Years with no Illnesses or Wrinkles: How to Become a Biohacker, Hack Your Body and Aging Program

Living to 120 Years with no Illnesses or Wrinkles: How to Become a Biohacker, Hack Your Body and Aging Program

Biohacking is a rather young trend aiming to hack the aging system, prolong life, and improve life quality. Followers adopt progressive technologies and all possible medical innovations. They use scientific discoveries to hack body systems and obtain resources to live without diseases and unattractive elderliness. Read how to become a biohacker in our article.

What is biohacking?

Biohacking is a systematic and consistent approach to health maintenance and improvement. People can optimize any body system and area of life. That is what biohackers do. For a start, they thoroughly study health parameters by doing a number of medical tests. Then they make use of the latest scientific research to improve them as much as possible.

How biohacking differs from a healthy lifestyle

How biohacking differs from a healthy lifestyle

Unlike the methods used by healthy lifestyle supporters, biohacking is an evidential method and relies on scientific background. People that use this approach carefully monitor health parameters by doing lab tests and screenings. They gradually change the diet, sleeping patterns, physical activity, start taking biologically active supplements and vitamins. Biohackers believe that the things that you invest in yourself shape your life quality. While earlier discussions touched upon the prolongation of life by 10-15 years, with the arrival of biohacking this term can reach 30 years and more.

A healthy lifestyle implies the use of more superficial knowledge and methods. For example, fast walking is considered a means to improve health. A biohacker can do speed walking in order to improve a certain health parameter.

How to become a biohacker: five steps to living a long life

Like any innovation, it is important to engage in the biohacking gradually. This path roughly falls into five stages:

  • studying the scientific background;

  • body diagnostics;

  • assessment of factors that influence health state;

  • the search for new methods and tools that can prolong life;

  • monitoring and control of body parameters.

First stage: studying the theory and practice

At the very beginning, you need to collect and analyze all information about biohacking that may come of use. At this stage, talking to likeminded people, monitoring of novelties and experience of people with knowledge of the matter are essential.

You will find all of it plus presentations of scientists, including biogerontologists and geneticists, at Biohacking Conference Kyiv. The more information you collect, the earlier you will manage to choose an optimal system of methods that suit you. Besides, it is useful to study sources of western countries, where biohacking started to develop significantly earlier and the number of projects and innovations is growing exponentially.

Second stage: studying your body

You can research your body at specialized medical centers and laboratories. Here is the approximate list of analyses that biohackers do:

  • hemoglobin – both high and low levels signify some kind of disorder;

  • leukocytes – if their number exceeds the norm, we can talk about some inflammatory process;

  • erythrocytes and blood sedimentation rate – some diseases cause an increase in the number of erythrocytes and sedimentation rate;

  • blood glucose – fluctuations in any direction from the norm signify some health disorders;

  • protein (total and C-reactive) – this parameter must not be above the norm. C-reactive protein is a component that allows the body to respond to any inflammatory process. When your body is in a normal state, it has to be okay;

  • thyroid-stimulating hormone – any fluctuations from mean values signify that the nervous, cardiovascular, or hormone system functions improperly;

  • thyroxin – responsible for the production of protein and oxygen metabolism in tissues;

  • ferrum – low level signifies metabolic disorder and possible internal bleeding;

  • calciferol (vitamin D) – this parameter will tell you about your brain performance, condition of your heart and vessels, as well as bones and skin;

  • zinc – the amount of this microelement directly influences growth, sexual maturation, metabolic processes in the body;

  • vitamin В12 – the lack of it inhibits DNA synthesis and has a negative impact on the nervous and hormone systems.

However, this is not all. Apart from analyses, you need to undergo checkups by specialized physicians. Besides, you should do a DNA test. Its findings will allow you to judge the physical traits of the body, the presence of allergy to some foods, as well as predisposition to illnesses.

Third stage: SWOT analysis

This is in reference to the determination of factors that influence health and activity. Here, biohackers analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the body, as well as the opportunities for its development and threatening factors.

It is a longstanding stage when biohackers thoroughly scan the body in order to detect problems and make forecasts for the future. For example, if medical test results show a chronical inflammatory process, it can turn into a problem in some time. The aim of this stage on the path to active longevity is to ‘soften the blow’ by detecting and strengthening the vulnerabilities of the body.

Fourth stage: introduction of changes

After you collect the information about the real state of your health and possible future threats, you can start introducing the changes. Biohacking does not limit itself to a specially chosen diet, intake of a great amount of biologically active supplements, vitamins, and a system of physical activity.

To obtain a key to the increase in productivity and longevity, biohackers use:

  • techniques intended to fight against psychological tension (meditation, visits to a psychologist, different methods of psychological correction, consumption of nootropics);

  • smart devices – for example, neurostimulators. They are devices that apply a voltage at a certain rate. The current stimulates or suppresses the activity of a certain functional area. Neurostimulators are widely used to reduce pain in case of serious injuries of nerve endings, as well as to cure epilepsy. Currently, the development of such devices is gaining momentum. Neurostimulators can help to improve sleep, memory, and concentration;

  • biohackers also use different devices that track and correct environmental conditions. They are various lamps, ionizers, air humidifiers, sports trackers, etc.;

  • regeneration and correction of gut flora – here is where nutrients are absorbed. The intestinal issue is one of the symptoms saying that you need to change the diet;

  • CRISPR gene-editing technology that allows changing body cells by building the desired functions into them;

  • sleep pattern optimization – it is important to sleep no less than seven hours per day. Lighting influences sleep quality – sources of cold blue light are better to be removed from the room, replacing them with an infrared lamp. A tight blindfold, simple exercises, and having a walk before you go to bed help to fall asleep quickly;

  • biohacking drugs. They include vitamins, substances that improve the nutrition of brain tissues (for example, piracetam), strong intestinal sorbents (for detoxification), sleeping pills, calcium, ferrum, zinc, and others. For biohackers, the daily amount of vitamins can reach 100 capsules;

  • good-quality rest. At the same time, you should reduce the interaction with your smartphone or computer to the minimum. It is good to replace them with active games, walking in the fresh air, intellectual occupations.

It is important to introduce any changes gradually to make them systematic in the future. That is how biohackers ensure active longevity.

Fifth stage: monitoring your health state while using biohacking techniques

After you have started the changes in your diet, sleep pattern, sports activities, etc., you should visit the doctor again and do medical tests. This should be done no sooner than two months after the introduction of changes. After checking your health parameters, the doctor can offer corrections in treatment when required.

Threats of biohacking

Threats of biohacking

Despite the use of innovative techniques and drugs, biohacking requires a cautious approach. It is necessary to introduce all the changes solely under the guidance of a physician after a number of screenings. Self-prescription of even ‘harmless’ vitamins can lead to a sharp health decline. If you take into account that some drugs are incompatible, the morning handful of ‘useful’ capsules can give an opposite effect.

An apparent advantage of the movement is the fact that it draws the attention of people to health issues and active lifestyle even in the age that earlier was considered elderly. If you do not go further and stop on the correction of your diet, sleep patterns, physical activity, and the use of anti-stress techniques, it will still significantly improve your wellbeing.

Find out more about the principles and efficient approaches of biohacking at Biohacking Conference Kyiv on March 26.

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