Health 4 You – Body and Mind Health Marathon with Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2021. Join!

Health 4 You – Body and Mind Health Marathon with Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2021. Join!

Would you like to improve the quality of life and the condition of your body in just four days? Then join the free online marathon of body and mind Health 4 You from Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2021! Many pleasant surprises are in store for the participants. Do not miss the activity!

The marathon will take place from November 8 to November 11 on our Telegram channel. Anyone can join it.

Why is the marathon useful and why is it worth joining?

Within four days, from Monday to Thursday, top experts from various fields will reveal the main secrets on how to "hack" and improve our body and mind.

As part of the marathon, experts will raise the most relevant and interesting topics:

  • Day 1: what is the resource state, how to stay in the flow through meditation.

  • Day 2: why exercise is important, especially with the office work.

  • Day 3: how to eat right. Competent nutritionists will analyze the diet of the marathon participants.

  • Day 4: is it possible to preserve good looks and youthfulness of the facial skin without resorting to invasive cosmetology.

On November 12, results will be summed up and there’ll be a giveaway of valuable gifts from the speakers and organizers of the conference.

How to join the marathon?

To get access to the lecture videos and compete for cool prizes, simply fill out a short registration form with your name, phone number and email address.

Note: the link to the form will appear within a week on our official pages in social networks. Stay tuned for the latest announcements!

And subscribe to our Telegram channel! Here you will gain access to a lot of useful information and will be able to communicate with experienced biohackers, supporters of a healthy lifestyle, speakers and conference participants.

Join the marathon and stay active together with Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2021! We promise, it will be interesting.

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