Infographics: the Role of Sleep in Biohacker’s Life

Infographics: the Role of Sleep in Biohacker’s Life

Good sleep is crucial to those who take care of their health as well as want to be vigorous and productive every day. The high-quality rest helps to restore strength, boost the immune system, and enhance the ability to cope with stress. What is the secret of appropriate sleep?

is a physiological process that changes the brain activity, slows down the response to external irritants, and makes the consciousness stay in a special condition. At the same time, the body produces various hormones, quickly regenerates tissues, and resets the memory.

sleep improves attentiveness and directly affects the physical and brain activity of people. Short and poor sleep will result in rapid fatigability, decrease in immunity and cognitive functions, as well as in harmful habits.

is of great importance among biohackers striving to unlock the full potential of their bodies, remain healthy and young as long as possible. To relax perfectly and correctly, you should take into account sleep duration, its phases, circadian rhythms, and environmental conditions.

Infographics: the Role of Sleep in Biohacker’s Life

You will be able to discover more about the healthy sleep concept and other methods of productivity improvement and life prolongation at Biohacking Conference Kyiv on March 26.

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