How to Normalize Body Functioning after Holidays: Biohacking Advice

How to Normalize Body Functioning after Holidays: Biohacking Advice

Christmas holidays have ended meaning that it is time to return to our common everyday life. However, sometimes it is not an easy task.

Recent dinner parties with plenty of food and drinks at different times of the day could have a negative impact on overall health. For this reason, many people think that the after-holiday period is the most appropriate time to become a bit of biohacker and level up the body aiming to improve wellbeing and increase productivity.

You can read more about how to optimize the body after the Christmas holidays further in the article.

Normalize your diet

During holidays, people often allow themselves to eat more than usual. Dishes served at the Christmas parties are often high-calorie and hard to digest. The outcome of several dinners of such kind may be weight gain, stomach discomfort, and even problems with the digestive tract.

To eliminate the negative consequences of an unbalanced diet and return to healthy eating habits, you can make use of the next biohacking approaches:

  • Remove decadent food from your diet, for example, high-calorie salads, speck, sausages, mayonnaise sauce, sweeties, bakery, sweet soda, etc.
  • Eat products that are useful for the body. For example, plant foods (fruits, vegetables), lean meat, fish, cereals, etc.
  • Restore fluid balance. For this purpose, you need to drink enough water. Thanks to this, the body can renew faster after the consumption of alcohol and harmful food.

A balanced diet improves wellbeing and helps to regain the figure faster.

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Refuse to drink alcohol

Christmas holidays usually do not go without alcohol. However, drinking strong drinks can cause a deterioration of health.

To prevent possible risks, you should avoid alcohol. To struggle with a hangover, different experts advise drinking more water, have enough sleep, and go for a walk in the open air. If you still feel the fatigue connected with the consumption of alcohol, you should visit a doctor.

It is noteworthy that many biohackers stop drinking alcohol at all. They state that the refusal of strong drinks improves health and prolongs life.

Body detox and cleanse

Dinners with loads of rich dishes and alcohol can lead to the accumulation of toxins and harmful microelements. As a result, failures can occur in different body systems, leading to health decline, decrease in immunity and appetite, collywobbles, etc.

To normalize body functioning, make use of detox. It is appropriate in both cases – to fight against intoxication and to support the protective functions of the body, stimulate the immune system, and reduce inflammatory processes.

For biohackers, detox is one of the main ways to optimize health. To cleanse the blood and the digestive tract of harmful substances, they correct diets and take intestinal sorbents.

One of the efficient ways to cleanse the body of toxins and wastes in the after-holiday time is to arrange fasting days. The best idea is to organize them when your physical and mental activity is low (for example, at weekends).

Calorie consumption reduces during fasting days. You need to refuse junk food and make healthy food the basis of your diet: vegetables, fruits, fish, lean chicken meat, etc. In detox, it is also important to drink enough water, avoid stress, and have enough sleep.

To achieve the maximum effect from body detox, you should consult a doctor. Corresponding specialists can prescribe the necessary enterosorption course.

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Go in for sports

Workouts after holidays are an efficient way to regain your figure, to improve wellbeing, and to get loaded with energy in order to return to the habitual work schedule.

If you made a break from sports during the Christmas holidays, you should return to training gradually. It helps to avoid traumas.

Biohackers pay much attention to physical load, as they believe that sport is one of the best ways of health optimization and body upgrade. Training is useful for everyone who wants to feel well, stay fresh, healthy, and productive.

Return to your usual day regimen

Many people distort their daily regimen during the Christmas holidays. As a result, they can have difficulties with returning to the usual work schedule. Moreover, the end of holidays can become a reason for melancholy or even depression.

To maintain a good mood and quickly enter the usual work schedule, you should primarily normalize sleep. For this purpose, biohackers advise following the next rules:

  • go to bed and wake up at the same time;
  • it should be dark and fresh in your sleeping room;
  • before sleep, you need to refuse from the use of gadgets.

For the return to the normal work schedule not to lead to depression, specialists recommend getting to work gradually. If it is possible, do not load yourself with a big number of tasks in the first workdays. Prioritize, make an action plan for the next week, and confidently implement it. It will allow you to minimize the chances of stress and you will be able to return to productive performance quicker.

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