Expert Opinion: Relation Between Genetics and Nutrition. Part 1

Expert Opinion: Relation Between Genetics and Nutrition. Part 1

The proverbial phrase 'You are what you eat’ appears relevant. Various studies have proved that nutrition affects human genes determining personal physical and mental features. Biohackers, like nobody else, realize the importance of a proper diet and pay great attention to their ration.

To understand what products and substances are most useful for the body, you do not have to experiment with diverse diets trying to find the best possible approach to nutrition. A DNA test will be enough.

Why do biohackers correct their ration? What is the relation between genes and nutrition? How to select a diet that will positively influence health and lifespan? These issues are examined by Lyudmyla Goncharova, a geneticist, qualified dietarian, immunologist, founder of Goncharova Clinic, and two-time winner of The Battle of Nutritionists TV show on STB.

Biohacking and nutrition: why is it significant to optimize a diet?

Biohacking means a complex approach to body optimization and health improvement. Striving for body and brain upgrade, followers of this trend correct their diet among other things. They exclude so-called junk food, do not consume industrially processed products, alcohol, sugar, and try to eat less salt. Their diet frequently consists of vegetarian and organic goods. Biohackers often change their dietary regime. In particular, they can practice fasting, a ketogenic diet, or circadian rhythm food intake.

A customized approach to everything related to health is typical for biohacking. Lyudmyla stresses the importance of individual diet selection:

“You should treat the correction of your nutrition and lifestyle (which implies a diet) based on the results of your analyses. You are not like all the others, aren’t you? You differ from people around you. We obtain the metabolic process rules when merging DNA structures of the egg cell and one of the million spermatozoa. Your individual DNA contains all information allowing to define: what to eat; what products you should prefer and avoid; what to drink and how often; whether you will benefit from fasting or not; what sports are the best for you,” the expert notes.

Doctors should know all of this to explore and monitor each case. Afterwards, they will be able to give the necessary tips to every patient. To see the state dynamics, physicians require biochemical and immunologic blood tests, urine analysis and intestinal tract microbiome, body hardware diagnostics, endocrine profile investigation, etc.

“If you want to keep healthy, live well, efficiently, and long, you should undergo testing and explore yourself due to your own genetics,” Lyudmyla mentions.

Genetics and nutrition: what is the connection?

Genes are DNA regions. They are considered to detect human physical and psychological features. External characteristics, capabilities, and predispositions depend on this aspect. A lot of factors affect genes: from a nutrition type to environmental conditions.

Examining genetic traits, people can figure out what vitamins are digested perfectly by their body, whether they have a deficiency and/or oversupply of certain microelements, feeding intolerance or disposition toward accumulating substances resulting in different diseases.

For example, a human body can accumulate vitamin D3 slowly. It is considered to be one of the depression causes. The DNA analysis allows to identify this feature and take measures to improve this indicator.

At the same time, genes affect eating behaviors. Some people are intolerant to a bitter taste. Thus, they regularly put sugar into coffee or tea in order to mitigate the original taste of a drink. They can also consume fewer bitter vegetables and herbs. Genes can define how quickly people saturate.

Discovering the interaction between food and genes at the biochemical level, one can estimate individual body peculiarities of a certain person in order to draw up a ration including only beneficial products. It will lead to health improvement and longer life.

How do genes affect eating habits?

Biohacking technology is based on a simple formula: genes contain all human data. Tastes, digestion particularities, and demand for certain substances are driven by genetic information. The body responds to inappropriate goods in two minutes to ten days. Thus, some responses are overlooked.

“You eat daily meals of several ingredients, with spices and oils. Intolerance to a single spice can make the immune system block meal digestion. Acidification, intestinal tract inflammatory processes, and pathogenic microflora growth can result in the pathological state of inflammation. It is not critical, but you do not know the reason and keep breaking the ration. The immune system cannot be always toned. It becomes exhausted with aging. After 40 years (or even at 25 in many cases), we have to repair our body on-the-go,” Lyudmyla explains.

What diseases can be caused by improper nutrition?

The systematic consumption of indigestible food leads to:

  • intestinal tract inflammatory processes;

  • pathogenic microflora growth: bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic ones;

  • constant load on the immune system: it starts functioning under stress, causing exhaustion and autoimmune diseases;

  • tissue swelling, fluid retention in tissue architectures, and lymphatic circulation disorders, resulting in excess weight. Even several excess kilos are a pathological process;

  • headaches, bad mood, depression, panic attacks;

  • hair, nail, and skin structure damages, different eruptions;

  • intestinal dysbiosis, diabetes mellitus, gout, rheumatoid conditions;

  • cardiovascular system disorders;

  • atherosclerosis, thrombosis, varicosity;

  • numerous hormone system defects;

  • benign formations of prostatic gland and ovaries;

  • oncological diseases.

When people shift to appropriate products according to DNA, chronic inflammatory processes in their body stop.

The expert talks about the impact of nutrition on DNA in the following manner: “DNA consists of peptides, proteins extracted from food. Proteins are structural material for it and other tissues, organs, systems, hormones, neurotransmitters, etc. In case of an unhealthy lifestyle, human DNA fails to receive a sufficient amount of structural material and introduces changes into its own structure. It results in so-called polymorphisms (your option of gene changes) that cause pathologies. The body activates the self-destruction process, increasing the oncological load. Thus, eating suitable proteins and other components (fats, vitamins, minerals), we restore our DNA.”

What is the concept of the biohacking process?

Those deciding to take a serious approach to body enhancement consult doctors. Afterwards, they receive:

  • a customized list of obligatory products;

  • a wide list of products that can be consumed daily;

  • tips on a regime and physical activity;

  • alcoholic drinks can also be defined at an individual request.

Due to the high accuracy of product selection, biohackers do not feel hungry or deficiency in any nutrients.

On March 26, Lyudmyla Goncharova will speak at Biohacking Conference Kyiv, focusing on genetic nutrition and providing examples of efficient tools for preserving youth, energy, and longevity.

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