Emotional Value and Stress Resistance: Presentation by the Ukrainian Neurobiologist Nana Voytenko

Emotional Value and Stress Resistance: Presentation by the Ukrainian Neurobiologist Nana Voytenko

Emotions are the inevitable part of our life. Excessive emotional tension can lead to stress that has a strong negative influence on health. That’s why biohackers try to control their emotions and take various measures to prevent stress situations.

What aspects of our life are affected by the emotions and how can we deal with stress properly? Ukrainian scientist Nana Voytenko will tell about this on March 26 at Biohacking Conference Kyiv.

Speaker’s presentation will be titled: “Brain and emotions. How to preserve health and fight stress”.

Key points:

  • Where do emotions come from?
  • Can laughter prolong life?
  • How many steps are from love to hate from the scientific point of view?
  • How to cope with stress?

Nana is a neurobiologist, electrophysiologist, Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor and pain researcher.

Speaker is a Head of the Department of Sensory Signaling at Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. She is also a member of the Scientific Committee of the National Council of Ukraine for Development of Science and Technologies at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Being a VP of the Ukrainian Society of Neuroscience, Nana is a President of the Ukrainian branch of the American Society for Neuroscience.

The scientist studies abnormal changes in the nervous system under the conditions of the experimental diabetes, focusing on molecular and cellular mechanisms of neuron damage. She also focuses on peripheral and central mechanisms of the origin and spreading of pain.

Nana is an author and co-author of more than 100 scientific publications and a lecturer at various specialized events. She has founded an annual “Biophysical research methods” seminar.

Join Biohacking Conference Kyiv and attend the presentation to learn key secrets of successful stress resistance tactics.

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