Organic Food is Affordable. IHerb Will Become a Sponsor of Registration at Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2021

Organic Food is Affordable. IHerb Will Become a Sponsor of Registration at Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2021

Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2021 will take place on November 16, where you will be able to learn the main secrets of longevity, youth and eternal beauty.

Today, we are pleased to introduce the Sponsor of Registration – iHerb, a world-renowned supplier and manufacturer of natural products.

Marketplace portfolio includes products of different categories:

  • Nutritional supplements: vitamins, minerals, oils, greenery, herbs, algae.

  • Facial skin care: cleansing, moisturizing, healing products.

  • Products for athletes: amino acids, creatine, energy bars, protein.

  • Products for shower and body care: oils, lotions, shampoos, toothpastes.

  • Natural pharmacy products and much, much more.

The website has a convenient section of products for health – vision, skin, cardiovascular system, intestines, immunity, as well as ingredients and diets like vegan, vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free, paleo, ketogenic and so on.

iHerb delivers products to over 185 countries worldwide, supporting 34 payment methods and accepting 74 currencies. Delivery to Ukraine takes 5-7 working days and is carried out by Nova Poshta, Meest and Ukrposhta companies. The website, which is also available in Ukrainian, contains more than 30,000 organic products and more than 10 million people are regular customers.

In addition, iHerb is engaged in a multitude of conservation initiatives. The company maintains environmental friendliness in small things – from reducing paperwork to the abandonment of disposable tableware in offices. Energy-efficient processing and shipment centers are located around the world using battery-powered forklifts and automated lighting systems. iHerb uses recyclable, eco-friendly packaging to deliver goods.

Join Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2021 and learn about all benefits of natural organic products, because health is affordable!

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