Core Biohacking Principles. Eternal Youth Concept

Core Biohacking Principles. Eternal Youth Concept

Modern biohackers pursue global objectives. Not only do they aim to optimize health and improve well-being, but also to reduce the biological age, slow down aging, and prolong life to 100+ years. Let’s figure out what principles they apply to achieve these goals.

Biohacking distinctive features

Ten years ago, biohackers meant amateur biologists organizing scientific laboratories in their apartments, houses, and garages. They conduct various research, including hacking and improvement of DNA.

For example, in 2015, a team of biohackers – Science for the Masses – instilled in the volunteer’s eyes a solution containing Chlorine E6 (СЕ6), an analog of chlorophyll extracted from algae. Such a procedure temporary enhanced a vision sense in darkness.

Currently, we can see different biohacking realia and semantics of the world. Personal biohacking is a systematic approach to the improvement of physical and mental health as well as the overall quality of life. It involves the raft of measures intended to optimize all body systems, keep youth, and increase performance.

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Biohackers believe that scientific tools and innovative solutions will allow them to take control over their body and then advance it. Due to this approach, they want to slow down aging as much as possible in order to live until the world introduces technologies making people always stay young and healthy.

A distinctive feature of biohacking is a customized approach to body and brain upgrade. Adherents of this trend advance their bodies based on their features and demands. For instance, biohackers won’t thoughtlessly intake multivitamin supplements. They will determine using analyses what substances their body is lack of and take measures to eliminate this deficiency.

Everyone desiring to become healthier, smarter, more active, and more productive can go into biohacking. However, just a desire is not enough. To make your body perfect, you should comply with certain rules.

Key biohacking principles. Longevity concept

There are several basic principles followed by the majority of biohackers. Let’s examine them in detail.

Principle 1. Regular diagnostics and measurement of body indicators

Biohackers constantly monitor various body parameters. Therefore, they undergo medical examinations, analyses, and DNA tests. Checkups detect diseases and health risks that have to be treated.

Besides, biohacking adepts can independently measure their activity and control health using various gadgets. Fitness trackers help them to track dream stages, define the heart rate, completed steps, and burned calories. Smart scales measure the weight and body mass index.

The first principle of health biohacking is to control regularly how any interference, such as diets or sports, affects the body. If diagnostics shows that certain interventions do not produce the desired effect, you should correct the biohacking program.

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Principle 2. Deliberate nutrition and dieting

Biohackers think that a diet is one of the best ways to improve health and support well-being. At the same time, you should take a conscious approach to nutrition. The basic diet should primarily include products that provide the body with energy as well as saturate it with antioxidants, vitamins, and microelements.

Biohackers adhere to the following food principles:

  • Refuse harmful goods: fat meal, sweets, starchy foods, pre-cooked dishes, junk food, chips, soda, etc.
  • Consume vegetable and organic products.
  • Exclude industrially processed food, as it can contain nitrates, antibiotics, carcinogens, and other destructive components.
  • Correct a diet given feeding intolerance and allergy. A list of prohibited products can be identified using a genetic test or other instrumental analyses.
  • Do not eat sugar. Biohackers agree that sugar is the white death. Thus, they try to give up on consuming products containing this ingredient.
  • Do not drink spirits because they have a negative impact on health and many life aspects such as sleep and performance.
  • Reduce the consumption of salt or do not use it at all.

Biohackers are adherents of both healthy eating and strict diets:

  • ketogenic diet. Products with moderate protein content and high-fat goods. The high-carbohydrate meal is expelled;
  • intermittent fasting. People refuse food for a certain period. The most widely used fasting system is 16/8 when individuals eat nothing for 16 hours and consume food within the rest of eight hours. Many biohackers practice a more radical fasting approach: they can refuse meals for seven or more days;
  • circadian rhythm diet. People eat according to their biological hours. Its followers assert that the time of eating also affects well-being.

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Details about biohacking nutrition can be found in this article.

Principle 3. Be physically active

The next biohacking principle implies routine physical activity. By the way, sports is considered not only as a method of weight loss and muscle building-up. Training for biohackers is the possibility to alleviate muscle tension as well as improve blood circulation and psychoemotional state.

Moreover, it is significant to control how the body responds to exercises. It will allow biohackers to choose the most appropriate sports and determine a favorable level of physical activity.

Principle 4. Compliance with the sleeping schedule

The biohacking community describes healthy sleep as the same time of going to bed and wakening. A room should be dark and cool. Using smartphones and other devices is not recommended.

Principle 5. Intake of drugs, vitamins, and BAAs

The regular intake of pharmaceutical drugs and additives is one of the crucial biohacking principles. Vitamins, nootropics, stimulators, hormones, antidepressant medication, and biologically active additives are included in the first-aid kit of people engaged in comprehensive body and brain upgrade.

The drug therapy is needed not only to treat diseases but also to prevent illnesses, boost productivity, and eliminate health risks.

Principle 6. Psychological health optimization

According to biohackers, life optimization cannot do without mental state improvement. That is why they try to avoid stress and practice meditation. They visit psychotherapists and take antidepressant drugs if necessary.

Main biohacking principles: Mark Moschel’s opinion

Mark Moschel is a US writer and biohacker. He distinguishes seven ground rules of life optimization. Reportedly, complying with these principles, people will be able to realize their nature, get rid of stress, and become healthier.

  1. Movement. You should be physically active so that your muscles do not accumulate tension. It is enough to do the simplest exercises, e.g. self-massage using a fitness roller.
  2. Healthy nutrition. Food should be beneficial to health.
  3. The return to nature. You should consume straight-out-of-the garden vegetables, drink spring water, breathe clean air, expose yourself to sunlight more frequently, and spend as much time as possible in nature.
  4. Awareness. This condition can be gained using meditation.
  5. Listening to music. Such a biohack improves concentration.
  6. Entering the flow state when people entirely focus on a definite activity. If you fail to complete any deal, you should push yourself to work on it a bit more. Afterwards, you should break off this activity and get distracted. When you get back to the previous task, you will be able to enter the flow state easily and work efficiently.
  7. Expression of gratitude. Mark Moschel recommends expressing your gratitude to family members and keeping a diary to write down things that you are thankful for. According to the biohacker, this practice is more fruitful along with medication.


At first glance, it may seem that compliance with biohacking principles requires huge investments. Indeed, this trend has become extremely popular among millionaires and successful entrepreneurs. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the optimization of their body parameters.

Nevertheless, any person can afford health modernization regardless of revenues. The most important thing is to take a complex approach to body upgrade and advance as many living aspects as possible.

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