Head Strong by Dave Asprey. Feedback and Detailed Review

Head Strong by Dave Asprey. Feedback and Detailed Review

Optimizing their bodies, biohackers take care not only about the health of the body. They also pay huge attention to brain upgrade. For this purpose, they follow special diets, take nootropics, and use electrical brain stimulation.

In 2017, an American biohacker and businessperson Dave Asprey published a book titled Head Strong. In the book, he shares secrets of improving productivity and provides a short plan for brain upgrade.

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Dave Asprey: what does he
do and why is he famous?

Dave Asprey is an American biohacker, investor of the Silicon Valley, and CEO of Bulletproof. He spent over a million dollars to advance his body and set up a successful business based on the sales of goods and services that help to improve health and boost productivity.

About the business

The wide public knows Dave as the inventor of bulletproof coffee. This drink is peculiar thanks to ingredients. Its main ingredients are bulletproof coffee beans (clean of toxins), brain octane oil (coconut oil extraction) and farmer dairy butter cooked from the milk of grass-fed cows. This coffee is considered to boost brain performance, help to lose weight, improve productivity and mood.

The demand for bulletproof coffee made Asprey open Bulletproof Company, which started to produce and sell coffee, as well as different food supplements and other related products. As for the beginning of 2019, the firm managed to raise over $50 million in investments.

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Currently, bulletproof coffee enjoys popularity among biohackers, supporters of a healthy lifestyle, as well as famous actors, writers, entrepreneurs. For example, the star of the Big Little Lies series Shailene Woodley and author of bestsellers Dan Brown drink bulletproof coffee.

Besides, Dave opened a coffee house chain called Bulletproof Coffee that serves this drink. Another pet project of the businessman is Bulletproof Labs intended for biohackers. The lab offers customers a number of services that help to optimize health and improve well-being.

About biohacking experience

Dave Asprey is called the father of biohacking. He started to deal with body and brain optimization long before this direction has become a trend.

Today Asprey also takes a thorough approach to the advancement of his body. He does not restrict himself to traditional biohacking means and runs experiments on his body.

In particular, the businessman takes hundreds of food supplements, follows a strict diet, controls sleeping regime, and remains physically active. He spends time in the altitude chamber, treats diseases making use of cryotherapy, exposes the body to infrared light, makes injections of stem cells, and trains on a gym machine that allows imitating going down Mount Everest.

The businessman believes that thanks to body optimization he will manage to prolong his life to 180 years old.

About writing

Dave Asprey is the author of a series of books on different themes. Some of them are The Bulletproof Diet, Game Changers, and Super Human. Head Strong is considered to be one of the most popular books of the businessman. Its full name is Head Strong: The Bulletproof Plan to Activate Untapped Brain Energy to Work Smarter and Think Faster in Just Two Weeks. It was published in 2017 for the first time. In 2018, Mann Ivanov Ferber publishing house released the Russian version of the book. You will find a detailed review of the book Head Strong in the next part of the article.

Feedback on and detailed review
of Head Strong by Dave Asprey

In the book Head Strong, the author shares his experience of body optimization. He explains what factors influence brain performance and gives advice on how to improve it.

Asprey assures readers that he has managed to unite the most efficient brain upgrade techniques in one book and that by following his instructions, you can achieve positive results just in two weeks. The biohacker notes that after the completion of the offered course, everyone will be able to become more productive, organized, well balanced, and stress-resistant.

Part 1. It’s all in your head

The first part of the book is theoretical. Here, Asprey scientifically explains what factors influence brainpower, where the brain gets energy and what it needs. The author tells readers about the role of mitochondria and neurons, the influence of inflammatory processes on brainwork.

In the first part, the biohacker reviews why the brain requires much energy and explains what stages people need to pass in order to make it work with full power.

The book lists five main brain vulnerabilities, thanks to which readers can define their main weaknesses such as:

  • forgetfulness;
  • cravings – here the author considers the addiction to junk food, for example, sweets;
  • inability to focus;
  • low energy (constant feeling of tiredness and loss of strength);
  • moodiness and anger.

The next chapter focuses on the peculiarities of mitochondria. They are organelles found in almost all cells of the body. Dave thinks that they are critical for human health. The author calls them small power plants, as they produce the energy required for the functioning of all body systems. The biohacker explains in detail why they are essential for people and what consequences mitochondrial dysfunction may have. In the next chapters of the book, the author shares what actions to take in order to make mitochondria work better.

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Besides, in the first part of the book, Dave investigates the functions of neurons. He distinguishes factors that facilitate the formation of new cells and cause or prevent their early death. Besides, he delves into the issue related to the influence of inflammatory processes in the body on brainpower.

Part 2. You are in control of your head

In the second part of the book, the author explains what practical actions people should take to improve brain functions and optimize the body in general. It consists of five chapters. In each of them, Asprey analyzes one of the biohacking methods.

“Brain fuel”

Dave states that food consumed by people has the greatest impact on brain performance. To improve brain activity, it is important to pay attention to the following nuances when you form your ration:

  • The ration should include products that contain polyphenols. They are a type of antioxidant that provides mitochondria with protective properties, among other things.
  • It is essential to eat products that contain nutrient elements needed for the production of neurotransmitters – chemical substances that transfer signals from one neuron to another.
  • It is necessary to follow a high-fat diet.
  • To optimize brain functions, it is necessary to reach ketosis. For this purpose, people practice fasting or almost totally refuse to eat carbohydrates.

“Brain-inhibiting foods”

In the second chapter, Asprey tells readers about products that have a negative impact on brain activity and deprive the brain of the needed energy. The biohacker explains in detail why it is worth giving up on alcohol (including beer and wine), sugar, genetically modified food, artificial sweeteners, flavorings, preservation agents, and many other things.

Besides, in this chapter, he focuses on the ways of cooking that make healthy food harmful. Dave pays special attention to types of oil that one should avoid due to their negative influence on health.

“Avoid toxins and improve your body’s detox system”

The third chapter is dedicated to the detrimental effect of toxins on the brain and the importance of detox. In this chapter, the author focuses on the review of the sources of harmful substances found in the person’s environment.

He speaks about the harm of mildew and steps that you need to take in order to avoid it. Asprey brings examples of heavy metals and medicine that disrupt the operation of mitochondria and speed up their death. Besides, he mentions efficient ways of body detoxification.

“Your brain on light, air, and cold”

This chapter discusses the external factors that influence brain efficiency. The author explains what kind of light is more preferable for a human being: the so-called junk light, red, or infrared light.

The biohacker calls fresh air the next aspect that influences brain productivity. He explains that staying high above sea level can positively influence the body. At the same time, he states that to achieve good results, you do not have to go to the mountains. Intermittent hypoxic training workouts are enough.

Dave calls cold treatment the third factor that influences brain activity. He explains in detail what results cryotherapy can bring.

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“Sleep harder, meditate faster, exercise less”

In the final chapter of the second part of the book, Asprey shares biohacking ways that allow efficiently optimizing the body and brain.

Part 3. The two-week head strong program

In the third part, the author of the book Head Strong Dave Asprey offers readers a detailed brain upgrade program.

The businessman lists products that are necessary to eat during the two-week course, detailed recipes of dishes for every food intake including quick meals. The author separately explains how to correct the lifestyle in order to achieve the best results possible. This includes sleep optimization, changes in meditation and workout programs, choice of correct lighting, and other important aspects of life activity.

A standalone chapter is dedicated to food supplements that are recommended to take in order to hack the brain. Asprey tells readers about medicine, vitamins, microelements, and extracts that are vital for health and productivity.

The author does not limit himself to the two-week brain advancement program. He provides a list of functional methods and approaches that are important to fulfill after the end of the basic course. They include transcranial magnetic stimulation, ozone therapeutics, cryotherapy, stem cell therapy.

Dave separately explores how electrical stimulation of the brain affects the state of the body. Today devices intended for this procedure are available in the CIS. For example, Neurostimulator Brainstorm was developed by the project’s team of the same name, headed by the Russian neuroscientist Timofey Glinin. Earlier, he said in the interview that thanks to the use of that device, one could improve cognitive functions.

Feedbacks of readers about the book

Readers have different opinions about the book Head Strong. Some people find it useful and interesting. “Loads of mini recommendations in every life area,” notes one of the users that left feedback on the book on the Internet.

Other readers say that the offered brain advancement program is realizable only in the case you have a high income. They draw attention to the fact that in many towns of the CIS countries, it is difficult to buy products recommended by Asprey, “The book is not localized for the CIS. For example, where can we buy his products or butter produced from the milk of grass-fed cows? It’s unlikely we can find them in the shop.”

Some readers express annoyance regarding the fact that Dave promotes the products and services of his own company in the book. “Formal, insipid text full of advertising of his products,” one of the readers writes.

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