Meditation Benefits for Mental and Physical Health Are Scientifically Proved: Mindfulness Coach Hlib Khodorovskyi

Meditation Benefits for Mental and Physical Health Are Scientifically Proved: Mindfulness Coach Hlib Khodorovskyi

What is the mindfulness technique and what are its benefits? Are there any contraindications for meditation? Why is mindfulness a proved method for reducing the stress and tiredness level? These issues are revealed by meditation coach Hlib Khodorovskyi in an interview with Biohacking Conference Kyiv.

Hlib has been focusing on mindfulness training for more than four years. He was taught by Bill Duane, the former head of mindfulness programs at Google. Currently, the speaker runs practical courses and gives mindfulness classes to such corporate clients as Deloitte, MacPaw, Evo Group, the Higher school of Advocateship, and the Ukrainian Patrol Police.

Interviewer: Biohacking Conference Kyiv (BCК)

Respondent: Hlib Khodorovskyi (H. K.)

ВСК: Tell us about your activity as a mindfulness corporate program trainer.

H. K.: It all started when I was training Andriy Polokh, a managing partner at Deloitte, in the ten-day retreat. Back then, I came up with an idea of designing a corporate program for company staff. Prior to that, I had been practicing mindfulness independently for four years and integrating this technique with my business.

Setting a goal of creating the program for a big team, I addressed Bill Duane who was responsible for mindfulness at Google. Completing his training, I developed my own program. It allowed me to cooperate with MacPaw, Evo Group, the Higher school of Advocateship, and the Ukrainian Patrol Police.

ВСК: What are the benefits of meditation? What life aspects does it affect?

H. K.: Research has confirmed that meditation reduces stress, recovers strength, and increases the physical activity level. It encourages better concentration and less anxiety. A deeper exploration of the practice enhances human ethics, helping to avoid negative situations.

ВСК: How does meditation influence mental health?

H. K.: Mental health means not just the absence of psychiatric problems. I like the definition given by the World Health Organization: “Mental health is a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”. In my view, meditation is a tool that perfectly fits into this definition.

ВСК: What are the special features of the mindfulness technique? Who can practice it?

H. K.: Mindfulness is a way of meditation training without any religious or esoteric backgrounds. It is based on the scientific approach and reasonable evidence. Any person, either a top manager or a student, can practice this technique. It has no contraindications compared to deep meditation.

ВСК: Suppose a person has decided to go into meditation for the first time. Where to start? Are there any cautions?

H. K.: If people have never experienced similar techniques, they should try several of them to find the most appropriate one. Making a choice, they have to practice daily for at least 30 days in order to form a habit. In a perfect world, you should meditate for the whole life. By the way, this is a common situation: realizing the benefit from training, you want to keep going.

ВСК: How often and at what time of day should one meditate to gain the best results?

H. K.: The most appropriate time of day depends on a circadian rhythm: early birds should meditate in the morning and night owls in the evening. In theory, you can train before dinner or shortly before sleep. It should be checked on your own.

ВСК: Can meditation harm human health? Are there any contraindications for this practice? Please explain your viewpoint.

H. K.: Contraindications include psychosocial disabilities: bipolar disorder, schizophrenia. If you have some concerns, it is better to consult a specialist. I know cases of successful meditation training of people with panic attacks and bipolar disorders. I know for a fact that short 15-30-minute daily classes will definitely improve health. However, you should not begin long-term programs without a specialist.

ВСК: What will you talk about at Biohacking Conference Kyiv?

H. K.: I will talk about meditation as an efficient biohacking tool as well as share my own research of the nervous system and sleep depth. I will also hold a workshop to make event participants feel a meditation effect.

Hlib’s presentation will take place on March 26 at Biohacking Conference Kyiv. Attendees will be able to ask him questions and learn meditation exercises.

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