Not Everyone Can Benefit from Fasting: Geneticist and Microbiologist Lyudmyla Goncharova

Not Everyone Can Benefit from Fasting: Geneticist and Microbiologist Lyudmyla Goncharova

The Lent starts on March 2. How safe is the refusal of meat products to the body? Lyudmyla Goncharova, a geneticist with 15 years of experience and the author of a unique health improvement and weight loss method, reveals what can replace animal derived materials and whom such a diet is contraindicative to.      

You should consult a physician before fasting, the expert stresses. Exclusion of meats results in the increasing consumption of carbohydrates, which can have a negative impact on the pancreas gland.   

The dietarian believes that the human body needs animal protein. It can be replaced with certain plant products:  

  • green lentils (it contains plenty of protein);

  • mushrooms (they should be cooked properly – within several minutes);

  • soy cheese and other soy goods. 

“Fish is crucial to us. Try to eat fish at least twice a week,” Lyudmyla mentions.  

The following categories of people should refuse severe limitations: 

  • pregnant women – animal protein is required for correct fetation;   

  • kids – protein food restrictions are contraindicative to the growing body;  

  • teenagers – protein is necessary for endocrine profile formation and reproductive system health;   

  • individuals with chronic inflammatory diseases, including diabetes mellitus, dethyroidism, vein problems. They should not limit nutrition without the doctor’s advice.     

She also recommends to consume wholegrain porridges during fasting: “Grinded grains are useless for our body. Moreover, they become nutrients for bacteria, viruses and fungi in the intestines.” 

On March 26, Lyudmyla Goncharova will talk about nutrition based on a genetic type as well as explain how to keep healthy and active at Biohacking Conference Kyiv.      

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