Super Memory Secret: How to Enhance Brain Productivity

Super Memory Secret: How to Enhance Brain Productivity

The human brain consists of billions of cells regulating body functions as well as allowing us to feel, think and create. Scientists have not revealed all of its secrets yet, but we know how to enhance brain activity, stimulate memory and increase productivity.

Memory operations

Memory operations

Memory is the brain's capability to keep data, recover and operate it over time. This feature is essential to design a complex system for processing and storing information known as life experience.

The recalling process activates all brain lobes with hippocampus dominating. It is the memory that primarily suffers during aging. However, this process can be not only slowed down but also prevented.

Depending on time and processing information, memory can be divided into several types:

  • Short-term memory – recording of the event “trailer”. It contains key phrases and the outcome rather than the whole conversation. This kind of memory allows us to keep information that can be needed soon handy.

  • Long-term memory – a sophisticated data storage system. Its volume is almost unlimited, it is a part of the subconscious. Long-term memory data is available within the entire life. The difficulty is a defective search mechanism familiar to everyone who has tried and failed to recall something.

  • Operative (working) memory – required for the current activity: decision making, calculations, thinking. It differs from the short-term one in operating information rather than storing it. Scientists united these two types earlier but then proved their dissimilarities.

  • Verbal memory – the human ability to remember verbal data.

  • Nonverbal memory – it stores sounds, images, tastes, symbols (everything undefined by words).

There is visual, aural, tactile, odor and flavor memory depending on the organ involved in information acquisition.

The remembering process can be represented in the following sequence:

  • information gaining;

  • lodging in the short-term memory;

  • retention in the long-term memory;

  • reproduction;

  • forgetting (when data is used rarely).

When you do not require remembering information, the chain is reduced by several points: analyzers record and process data but do not send it to long-term memory.

Physical and emotional conditions, the age and the brain cell state affect remembering processes.

Brain hacking concept

Brain hacking concept

The brain potential can be advanced. This idea is implemented by brain hackers who apply various techniques, agents and devices to stimulate brain cognitive functions. Brain hacking allows to utilize the brain resource totally and seamlessly.

High-quality and comprehensive brain hacking also means optimized nutrition (an individual diet based on the genetic type), physical exercises, outdoor activities, as well as proper sleep and relaxation.

Brain hacking adherents comply with the next rules:

  • an individual approach to any methods and training;

  • constant education and advancement;

  • a clear understanding of enhancement targets.

Seven ways of brain upgrade

Cognitive functions can be improved at any age. Let’s examine several tips on this issue:

  1. End minding. Start with the end. To shift away from old problem solving patterns based on previous experience, think of the desired result.

  2. Ask an appropriate question. Compare “Why is everything so bad?” and “What can I do to make things better?” In the first case, the brain won’t find a solution but will center around the problem. The second approach will result in thinking and exploring new methods.

  3. Self-control. Conduct systematic audits of physical and emotional states as well as a level of energy. Challenging tasks can be met by a rested and active person. If you feel so-so, it is better to recover your strength.

  4. Precise time limits. Indefinite dates allow to postpone work as much as possible. Use a tough deadline technique: give yourself two hours to complete the mission and apply the outcome at the expiration of the term. The efficiency will rise exponentially.

  5. Strong actions. Choose a certain time during the day (half-hour, an hour) to take maximum efforts. Do not give the appearance of being busy but exclude all distractions and act. It can be a global aim that you will perform daily.

  6. Avoid the “gray area”. It is referred to the time when you carry out one activity but think of another. For example, turning your mind to operating tasks of the coming week on the weekend, you will neither relax nor solve them beneficially. The “one process at once” rule is indeed efficient.

  7. Apply all brain training opportunities. Learn verses. Remember a list of the necessary goods when going shopping. Do puzzles with your kid. Even small steps will yield impressive results if they are regular.

Efficient brain advancement methods

Impossibility to focus on work, errant attentiveness and information remembering difficulties are a common problem among modern people. Memory can be enhanced using simple but effective recommendations:

  1. Stay interested in life. With the neuron activity decreasing after 50 years of age, you should compensate for this process by dynamic brain activity. Brain neurons create new connections when we gain impressions, conduct the first steps towards unusual pastime and travel.

  2. Keep up the sleep mode. Scientists recommend going to bed not later than 10-11 p.m. Melatonin produces in this period, encouraging deep sleep. The brain acquires and remembers information better after the rest.

  3. Go in for sports. Even minimum physical activity such as morning exercises can stimulate memory. Exercises provide brain tissues with oxygen and nutritional substances.

  4. Meditate. Researchers have proven that meditation improves brain cognitive functions and the general condition of the nervous system. It's strange but information is remembered better in case of total relaxation.

  5. Eat healthy food. Fresh fruit and berries are valuable nutrition for brain cells. Flavonoids contained in bilberry and cherry encourage the thinking process and brain capacity.

Memory development vitamins

Memory development vitamins

Vitamins are crucial to maintain brain activity and performance, boost metabolic processes in its cells and oxygenate tissues. Which ones are the most significant to brain hackers?

Provitamin A (beta-carotene)

One of the core beta-carotene features is cognitive disorder prevention and memory enhancement. It is abundant in carrot, mango, papaya and greens.

B vitamins

They slow down brain cell aging, simplify the tissue oxygen supply, as well as participate in data encryption and storage. These elements are extremely important to child brain formation and its further evolution. Vitamin B12 has a part in the protein and neurotransmitter synthesis. Sources of B vitamins: meat, beans, greens, nuts, crops, seafood.

Vitamin С

An antioxidant eliminating oxidative processes in brain cells. It prevents aging changes and reduces brain cancer risks. The vitamin helps to digest ferrum from food, which is required to advance attentiveness and memory. It is contained in dried rosehips, greens, apples, citrus fruit, pepper, currant and other products.

Vitamin D

It decreases disseminated sclerosis risks, improves brain vessels and has a positive impact on cognitive functions. Seafish, seafood and dairy products contain lots of vitamin D.

Vitamin K

Its lack affects the speed of thinking and reactions as well as the ability to learn and remember. A diet with a sufficient number of vitamin K prevents brain cell aging. It can be extracted from asparagus, celery, Brussels sprouts and fermented products.

Brain improvement substances: nootropics

Nootropic drugs are substances activating metabolic processes in brain cells as well as advancing information uptake, storage and remembering processes. Some of them affect neurotransmitters engaged in the neurotransmission process. Moreover, they strengthen the blood circulation, neutralizing oxygen deficiency and protecting cells against premature aging.

Nootropics feature a cumulative property: they have an effect when the body accumulates a certain amount of them. Such substances should be taken as courses and after doctor’s advice. Similar to any biohacking procedures, nootropics should be applied on an individual basis and under the control of specialists. These agents are not a panacea: they can just boost the impact of regular exercises, healthy nutrition and brain training.

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