Maximum Lifespan Will Likely Grow in the Coming Years: Genetic Scientist Oleksandr Kolyada

Maximum Lifespan Will Likely Grow in the Coming Years: Genetic Scientist Oleksandr Kolyada

What factors affect longevity? Is it possible to increase dramatically the lifespan? These issues are revealed by Ukrainian genetic scientist Oleksandr Kolyada in an interview with Biohacking Conference Kyiv.

Oleksandr is a gerontologist, science communicator, and aging researcher. He is one of Ukraine’s top 30 successful young scientists and one of the influencers included in the World’s Top 100 Longevity Leaders. The expert is a research associate at the lab of epigenetics at the Institute of Gerontology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine as well as the founder of DIAGEN genetic laboratory and Longevity School.

Discover the details of the scientist’s research and opinion about the impact of a healthy lifestyle and biohacking on the lifespan in the interview.

Interviewer: Biohacking Conference Kyiv (BCK)

Respondent: Oleksandr Kolyada (O.K.)

BCK: Why did you decide to devote your activity to the exploration of aging molecular processes and human genetics?

O.K.: You can wonder of many interesting questions: why people look like this, why they do certain things, or why they live so long. Answering them, you will, sooner or later, face genetic matters.

I have studied various problems and realized that genetics can give the greatest amount of answers. Therefore, I have been focusing on it.

BCK: Tell us about the largest and most significant investigations that you have been involved in.

O.K.: As part of the investigations, we have managed to find a lot of new aging markers allowing to assess how fast people grow old. We have detected many genes specific to Ukrainians, which cause different illnesses. For example, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's diseases.

Besides, we constantly find microbes that live only in long-livers’ bodies and, perhaps, affect their longevity.

BCK: How could you explain the longevity phenomenon? What factors does it depend on?

O.K.: Longevity is a quite difficult process. It depends on everything: what floor you live on and a country you live in, your gender, a number of your kids. Genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, and environment have a certain impact. Thus, the key to longevity is to do the proper thing.

BCK: Do various biohacking approaches (e.g. a ketogenic diet, fasting, intake of biologically active additives, etc.) anyhow influence human genes?

O.K.: They do. In most cases, negatively. However, sometimes they can have positive effects. We will discuss this aspect at Biohacking Conference Kyiv.

BCK: Is it possible to increase substantially the lifespan using a healthy lifestyle and sports?

O.K.: It is possible in general. Lifestyle correction provides people with additional 20 years of life. The difference between a person neglecting the healthy lifestyle and biohacking and the one following proper approaches is approximately 20 years.

BCK: One of the biohacking goals is to keep young and live as long as possible. Is it real from a scientific perspective to avoid aging totally and increase the lifespan up to 200 or more years?

O.K.: The lifespan increase is possible. We have chances to avoid aging as well.

The maximum lifespan is 122 years as of today. A person who will live for 150 years is already born, and this individual lives on our planet. The maximum lifespan will likely grow in the coming years. 150 years are just around the corner.

One can increase the lifespan dramatically, but this process will require other tools. The healthy lifestyle and biohacking are not enough. We will need genetic engineering, prosthesis, and artificial organs. Theoretically, there are no reasons for thinking that this won’t happen.

BCK: Could you provide tips on what people should do and what rules should follow to slow down aging mechanisms and prolong their life?

O.K.: The only tip is education. Neither salmon and BAAs nor injections will be as useful as extra courses, books, or scientific articles dedicated to this topic.

There is no sense in giving advice because nobody will adhere to it and nobody will believe it. I think that the most efficient, cheap, and appropriate way is to focus on self-development in this issue.

BCK: What will you talk about at Biohacking Conference Kyiv?

O.K.: I will talk about the differences between the healthy lifestyle and biohacking, the biohacking concept, and its tools. I will explain the role of healthy lifestyle and biohacking in life prolongation, as well as highlight what long-livers eat and stress the relation between a diet and longevity. Moreover, I will tell the audience about the necessary physical activity and high-tech genetic engineering, cell technologies, and future trends.

You will be able to listen to Oleksandr Kolyada on March 26 at Biohacking Conference Kyiv. He will make a presentation: Life prolongation: What biohacking can and can not do.

Attendees will be able to talk to the speaker face-to-face and ask him their questions.

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