Co-founder of SQLAB Svyatoslav Khanenko, “I Got into Biohacking in 2016 when I Started Personally Testing the Capabilities of Our Clinic”

Co-founder of SQLAB Svyatoslav Khanenko, “I Got into Biohacking in 2016 when I Started Personally Testing the Capabilities of Our Clinic”

How did the idea of setting up a biohacking clinic emerge? What parameters allow tracking the state of health? Co-founder of SQLAB, the first biohacking clinic in Eastern Europe, Svyatoslav Khanenko shared in the interview for Biohacking Conference Kyiv.

Svyatoslav is one of the first biohackers in Ukraine and a promoter of healthy lifestyle. He is an author of the Wikipedia article about the biohacking notion, written in the Ukrainian language. Currently, he is a co-founder and head physician of SQLAB biohacking clinic, located in Kyiv.

Read more about biohacking from the medical standpoint and the establishment of the “clinic for healthy people” in the interview.

Interviewer: Biohacking Conference Kyiv (BCК)

Respondent: Svyatoslav Khanenko (S. K.)

BCК: When did you become a biohacker? Why did this movement attract you?

S. K.: I got into biohacking in 2016 when I started personally testing the capabilities of our SQLAB clinic. I did not know this notion at that time, as it appeared in 2017 after the notorious article by Serge Faguet. Today I monitor over 2,000 health parameters and showings improve year by year.

I was born into a family of physicians and have been always engaged in preventive medicine and health management. Until 2016, I had been helping others in this area, and later started viewing my own health as a project, aiming to reach greater productivity. Biohacking is not a medical direction but a concept of attitude to health as a resource that you can manage. My activity helps me to accumulate knowledge, experience, and expertise in this direction.

BCК: What goals do you set as a biohacker and what do you do to attain them?

S. K.: I have goals for every area of my life. Starting from 2016, I plan for three months ahead. They include both preventive measures and treatment of existing illnesses. In biohacking, health is not an ultimate goal but a resource for the fulfillment of the most ambitious ideas in all areas of life. Over the time of my practice, my achievements include two important projects: formation of the medical and educational market of biohacking in Ukraine from scratch and the fact that I became a father of two children.

ВСК: How did you come up with the idea to open the first biohacking clinic in Eastern Europe? What are its main features?

S. K.: The implementation of the idea was the result of a long way. My mission was to overcome the demographic crisis in Ukraine. The distinctive feature of our clinic is that we are not involved in the search for diseases or in the statement of the fact of their absence, but digitize the slightest health variations by doing complex detailed checkups. Besides, we set health goals independently of the current state, develop and help people to realize personal recreational programs, verify the obtained results.

ВСК: How popular is biohacking in Ukraine? In your opinion, what measures should Ukrainians take to care of their health better?

S. K.: In Ukraine, biohacking is more popular today than it was in 2016 when we began to build the market from scratch. Unfortunately, it has not become mainstream yet. We make efforts to create a biohacking culture in the environment of influencers. From the segment of thought leaders, it will start its natural movement into society. In its turn, it will lead to the realization of our mission – recovery from the demographic crisis in Ukraine, building a kind, successful, and fair society of healthy, productive, and happy people.

ВСК: What body optimization methods are the most efficient and safe from a medical standpoint?

S. K.: It is important to know your health parameters (not necessarily 2,000 but at least some of them) and to pay attention to the smallest variations in your body state. You should have certain measurable and time-constrained health goals and a plan for their achievement. The most powerful factors that influence health are things we do every day: nutrition, drinking water, physical culture, sleep, meditation, and elimination of harmful habits.

Medical advances will be also useful – protocol treatment or maintenance of remission of chronic diseases using pharmacological, operating, physiotherapeutic, and biotechnological methods. Recreation at a therapeutic resort found in another city or abroad, as well as at the place of residence, is also useful.

ВСК: What screenings and medical tests should one do to obtain a detailed picture of body state? How often do you recommend undergoing diagnostics?

S. K.: I monitor over 2,000 parameters in nine blocks: genetics, molecular, cellular, and functional health, state of all internal organs, skin, lifestyle, mental health, and goals.

Of course, it does not mean that a biohacker is solely the one who has such a systematic approach to health management. However, if you are getting more and more information about your health parameters with time, using a growing number of methods to influence them, controlling achievements, positive results in all areas of life will not be long to come.

ВСК: What should a starting biohacker know, willing to optimize health? What actions should one avoid not to harm health?

S. K.: Every biohacker has to try to deeper learn about the current state of health in order to better understand what kind of person he would like to become in the future. At the same time, it is important to understand that health is not about analyses and pills but a complex notion embracing the body, spirit, and mind. Plus social bonds and environment. It is not about opposition to illnesses but a measurable resource that a person owns while he is alive, but its amount changes all the time.

ВСК: What will you speak about at Biohacking Conference Kyiv?

S. K.: I will share the experience of managing my health as a project, and will tell the audience what we do to mainstream biohacking at the global level by developing our medical and educational projects.

Svyatoslav’s presentation will take place at Biohacking Conference Kyiv on March 26. Guests of the event will have the possibility to talk to the speaker and ask him questions.

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