Oleksandr Kolyada – Speaker of Biohacking Conference Kyiv – to Develop the Ukrainian Test System to Detect Coronavirus

Oleksandr Kolyada – Speaker of Biohacking Conference Kyiv – to Develop the Ukrainian Test System to Detect Coronavirus

Chinese coronavirus is rapidly growing worldwide. The first case was recorded on December 12 in Wuhan. It transpired in just a month that the disease spread beyond China.

Specific symptoms of coronavirus: fever, cough, diarrhea, stomachache, and trouble breathing. The main danger of Chinese coronavirus is that it is airborne in a latent period (lasting between 1 and 14 days) when people do not even know about the disease and experience no symptoms. The virus primarily attacks people with poor immunity.

In January 2020, Chinese researchers published the sequence of the coronavirus genome – Covid-2019. Afterwards, Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council requested local scientists to develop their own test system to diagnose this illness.

Currently, two Ukrainian laboratories are focusing on the corresponding systems. One of them is. Oleksandr Kolyada, a speaker of Biohacking Conference Kyiv and Vice-President of the Ukrainian League of Personalized Medicine, is its co-founder and Research Director. He is engaged in test development.

Test system designing

DIAGEN Laboratory has been developing the test system since the end of January 2020. It is created due to the special protocol thoroughly specifying all work stages.

Despite the fact that scientists apply a well-known mechanism of test system implementation, the process takes lots of time. Oleksandr explains that Ukrainian laboratories are not ready for solving similar challenging tasks immediately.

The test system is equipped with internal control. It means that exploring the human biological material, scientists simultaneously examine a standard sample of the virus. Such an approach allows to control carefully the testing process.

Features of the Ukrainian test system

It is expected that the Ukrainian test system will allow to conduct investigations aimed at detecting Chinese coronavirus. A single saliva sample is required to carry out the analysis.

Oleksandr asserts that one set will allow to perform 50 tests. Specialists will need only four hours to obtain the research results.

According to the genetic scientist, DIAGEN has resources for producing the required amount of test systems, which will be enough to satisfy the demands of laboratories in different Ukrainian regions.

Oleksandr Kolyada will talk about life prolongation methods and cutting-edge technologies of the future at Biohacking Conference Kyiv on March 26. He will reveal whether longevity genes exist and examine various biohacking tools.

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