Top 10 Successful Biohacking Companies (Part 1)

Top 10 Successful Biohacking Companies (Part 1)

Back in 2018, Gartner called DIY biohacking one of the main modern trends. Analysts believe that in the next 10 years, people will learn to hack biological processes of the body and change them in correspondence with their lifestyle and interests.

With every year, the number of people that support biohacking as a promising direction for health improvement is growing. For this reason, companies appear in the market, offering advanced solutions for body optimization and the boost of living standards.

Read more about the top five companies and startups related to biohacking in the article below.

Bulletproof 360, Inc

The history of the American company Bulletproof 360, Inc is connected with the creation of “bulletproof coffee” made of grain coffee, organic butter, and middle chain triglycerides. The well-known biohacker Dave Asprey is the author of this drink. The great popularity of this coffee facilitated the active growth of the company. As a result, it raised $9 million in investments in 2015 and $43 million by the beginning of 2019.

Today the Bulletproof brand unites online stores, a café chain, and a lab. Apart from coffee, the assortment includes protein bars, drinks, collagenous protein, and books by Dave Asprey. Visitors can drink a cup of “bulletproof coffee” at cafes of the same name in Seattle, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles.

The laboratory for biohackers opened by Asprey is called Bulletproof Labs. It helps to improve physical and mental health using advanced scientific technologies. Attendees can make use of such services as cryotherapy, infrared irradiation, sensory deprivation, light therapy, etc. Dave states that the attendance of the laboratory helps to improve blood circulation, recover bone tissue, increase productivity and mood.

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It is the first biohacking and health clinic in Ukraine. SQLAB was founded in 2016. Today it provides diagnostics and treatment services.

As part of the comprehensive medical checkup, the person’s health is assessed by 2000-3000 parameters. For this purpose, doctors interview the patient, conduct checkups, laboratory tests, and instrumental examinations. Diagnostics is performed in nine different directions including the analysis of genetic traits, defining the state of all body systems, etc.

Basing on the checkup results, the patient’s personal health record is created together with the plan of measures intended to improve health.

Patients of SQLAB are offered such wellness procedures as stem cell therapy, oxyjet (oxygen skin rejuvenation), neurofeedback (the procedure aimed at the upgrade of brain activity), needle therapy, massages, ozone therapy, etc. Besides, SQLAB is the first clinic in the country that started the development of customized products for every customer.


An experiment in the field of nutrition preceded the establishment of Soylent. In 2013, software engineer Rob Rhinehart developed a powdered product that, in his idea, had to replace traditional food. He ate that product for 30 days. The experiment ended with a crowdfunding campaign that raised $1.5 million for the production of the powder. Later, Soylent received $50 million more from different funds.

Today the company produces a lineup of goods including drinks, bars, and cocktails. Products contain vegetable protein, probiotics, many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Goods are sold online and at land-based outlets.

Besides, Soylent realizes the initiative called #SoylentForGood, providing its products to organizations that support the poor.

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Welltory is a Russian startup that developed an app allowing users to measure stress and energy levels.

The system defines heart rate variability using the smartphone camera. For this purpose, the user has to put the finger to the camera lens. The flash lightens it and the app records the capillary refill time. To obtain measurements of higher accuracy, you need to use a cardiac monitor.

The program provides the user with an explanation of measurements and assessment of body parameters. The report contains information about the state of the nervous system, whether the body has restored after the sleep, whether there is a risk of feeling unwell, etc.

Besides, the app contains video lessons and articles about the peculiarities of the human body. In a special section, one will find lectures about the relations between productivity and physiology, the influence of stress on health, and materials on other themes. In a live chat, users can ask experts of Welltory questions and get individual recommendations.

BioHax International

BioHax International is a Swedish company that develops and implants biochips. It was founded in 2013 by the biohacker Jowan Österlund.

Chips are microcircuits with the size of several millimeters. They work using the near-field communication technology that allows transferring data to small distances (around 10 cm).

A microcircuit is implanted in the palm of the hand. Then you can use a mobile app to set up its functions. Among other things, you can use the chip to pay for purchases, open electronic locks, control components of smart home, enter your PC account. Besides, you can use the chip to store contacts, electronic train tickets, and for other purposes.

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