Top 3 Biohacking Myths. Truth About Biohacking

Top 3 Biohacking Myths. Truth About Biohacking

Biohacking is a relatively new and appealing phenomenon. Nevertheless, this term is surrounded by legends having little in common with reality. Do you have to take special drugs and implant chips in your body in order to become a biohacker? Let’s figure this out and dispel myths below!

Biohacking myths

Biohacking is a system of actions aimed at improving health and prolonging human life. Similar to any new much-hyped notion, biohacking has obtained numerous myths that frequently contravene the reality and go beyond the bounds of common sense.

Speakers at Biohacking Conference Kyiv will explain the actual concept of biohacking. Meanwhile, we are going to dispel the three greatest misbeliefs regarding this issue.

Misconception 1. Biohacking is a tough “hack” of the body

The wrong opinion that biohacking means frenetic changes, the actual “hack” of the body system, is caused by the shade of meaning of the word “hacking”. It is often used in the negative context, implying hacking of websites or security systems, but in this case, we are talking about the slow smoothing and advancement of health indicators.

Sharp changes contradict the goal of biohacking where the core principles include the achievement of the best possible health condition, physical and mental balance, as well as harmonious functioning of all body systems. Movement adherents try to prolong life and enhance its quality using the medicine, which aims not to damage health.

Why can’t and won’t biohackers roughly break and unexpectedly change anything in their body? Because it is harmful to health and can result in irreversible consequences. The biohacking recovery concept is based on diagnostics, advice by doctors, professional dieticians, and sports coaches. Biohacking includes seamless work on the following aspects of life activities.

  • Physical and mental health.
  • Brain function.
  • Food intake and diet.
  • Physical activity.

Only analyses, tests, and detected individual factors will allow to draw up a health correction plan that will be implemented under the control of specialists. The system consists of a necessary diet, physical exercise schemes, and a healthy sleep diagram, which gradually advance human health and biological parameters.

Misconception 2. Biohacking means implantation of microchips in the body

One of the primary biohacking areas involves the technical improvement of the body by implanting microchips, but this technique won’t prolong your life and won’t enhance health indicators. The above-mentioned method is applied by those desiring to constantly measure health indicators and monitor their progress.

It does not mean that biohacking turns people into biobots: cutting-edge technologies are used to measure the heart rate, blood pressure, and physical activity level. This information allows doctors, dietarians, and sports coaches to collect the maximum amount of human data and develop the most efficient individual plan on health advancement.

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Besides, reading of body parameters using gadgets and implants helps to track a range of significant body characteristics.

  • The best performance.
  • The time required to rest.
  • Peak active hours.
  • The best time for sleep and work.

Not all health improvement biohacking approaches require body implants. You can affect your well-being by changing the lifestyle, including sports, nutrition, intake of vitamins and biologically active additives according to the doctor’s recommendation, physical therapy, and mental health improvement.

Misconception 3. Biohacking obliges us to take severe psychotropic agents

People willing to strengthen the body using biohacking take drugs prescribed by a doctor. Intake of strong stimulators can be quite detrimental to your health, thus they are prescribed only if needed.

Indeed, drastic psychotropic agents are able to improve memory and give efforts for a short time, but they are extremely harmful in the long run because of addiction and side effects. The latter is in stark contrast to the biohacking concept intended to prolong and advance life as much as possible.

The core task is to improve all the health indicators deliberately, gradually, and smoothly, as well as increase the performance along with life quality and enhance the well-being. At the same time, one should take into account the whole complex of such features as genetics, skin condition, physical endurance, lifestyle, etc.

Biohackers can take non-hazardous and non-addictive pharmaceutical products: vitamins, nootropics, and biologically active additives.


Biohacking aims to optimize human body functions, reveal its natural capacity, and rejuvenate the body. Biohacking is not a surgery and not a single-use procedure. It is the whole system of the healthy lifestyle under the control of professionals.

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