Top Speakers of Biohacking Conference Kyiv

Top Speakers of Biohacking Conference Kyiv

On March 26, the capital of Ukraine will host an event dedicated to life prolongation techniques and health improvement – Biohacking Conference Kyiv. The event will involve doctors, scientists, nutritionists, meditative practice coaches, and other specialists.

Experts will share efficient body upgrade methods and health optimization tips with the guests. Meet the first five speakers of Biohacking Conference Kyiv.

  • Dr. Greg Potter, Ph.D. in Circadian Biology & Sleep. His research articles were described in Reuters, TIME magazine, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Daily Telegraph, and many other authoritative publications. He worked with the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command on health optimization and trained sprinters at the European Championship.
  • Oleksandr Kolyada, a genetic scientist, biogerontologist, one of the top 30 successful young scientists of Ukraine. He is also a co-founder and Research Director at DIAGEN genetic lab focused on research and development in the molecular genetics and diagnostics sector. The expert has been a host at the popular science TV show The Experiments on the STB channel.
  • Lyudmyla Goncharova, a dietarian, immunologist, geneticist, teacher. She is a two-time winner of The Battle of Nutritionists TV show (STB) and a regular expert in healthy diet issues on such TV channels as 1+1, Inter, STB, Novyi Kanal, etc. The speaker designed a unique weight loss and health improvement method based on the genetic nutrition. She is the founder of Goncharova Clinic.
  • Oksana Piven, Ph.D. in biology. Earlier, she was working at the University of Pennsylvania in the laboratory of Dr. Glenn Radice. Currently, Oksana Piven is a leading research worker at the department of human genetics at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. She conducts research dedicated to reprogramming of cells and application of CRISPR technology.
  • Hlib Khodorovskyi, a mindfulness corporate trainer. He learned from Bill Duane, the former head of mindfulness programs at Google, and founded his own company called Mindful Office holding Mindfulness corporate training. The expert implemented projects for MacPaw, Evo Group, Patrol police, and so on.

Attendees of Biohacking Conference Kyiv will be able to not only listen to speakers’ presentations but also talk to experts face-to-face and ask them their questions.

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