Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020 Demo Area To Feature Space Optimizer From Key Resource

Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020 Demo Area To Feature Space Optimizer From Key Resource

Meet a new exhibitor at Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020 – Key Resource company involved in the research and development of innovative life technology products.

Key Resource is a unique Ukrainian startup founded in Kyiv in 2014. The company develops devices for health improvement, youth renovation and recovery of vital functions.

Today, startup offers the following products:

  • Natural Adjuster capsule. This is the machine for power and energy recovery. Staying in the capsule helps to increase concentration, prevent emotional burnout and recover energy. It also helps to reinforce the immune system and speed up the rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries.
  • Natural Harmony space optimizer. It’s a device for recovery of body vitals and supporting of the comfortable climate within the room. It decreases anxiety, improves the immune system and synchronization of human biological clock with a natural daily rhythm.
  • Another area company focuses on is consulting services and educational programs that help to efficiently solve daily tasks related to health and development. In addition, corporate office of the company regularly features seminars for personality development, meditation advantages etc.

Conference demo area will present Natural Harmony space harmonizer and pictures of Natural Adjuster capsule. Also, at the company stand, guests will be able to buy gift certificates and cards for attending the capsule.

Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020 will take place on November 11. Join the event to learn more about the company products and ask your questions to company representatives.

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