Meet Algotherm in Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020 Demo Area

Meet Algotherm in Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020 Demo Area

Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020 demo area will feature a new participant – producer of cosmetics products for skin care – Algotherm.

Algotherm is the first brand in the world that has been researching and adopting algae in cosmetology since 1962.

The company began its operations in France, near the coast of Iroise Sea that is famous for its biological diversity and has been included in UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. This habitat grows the majority of algae that is used by the brand.

All products of the company are developed and produced in the laboratories of the largest pharmaceutical holding – Laboratoires Gilbert. Due to the extensive research of sea algae, company has got the experience necessary for the selection and cataloging of 29 maritime ingredients helping to satisfy all skin requirements. The brand developed seven exclusive care complexes and obtained two patents.

As of today, operations of Algotherm research laboratory are focused on finding the new active ingredients based on the recently discovered biomimetic algae properties.

Algotherm integrates its experience practically and operates a network of its own SPA centers at resorts in France (Chamonix, Cote d'-Azur) and in Polinesia.

Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020 will take place on November 11. Demo area of the event will allow you to learn about the products and services of the company, as well as ask questions to brand representatives.

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