The Whole Truth About Bacteria, Probiotics and Fiber by Microbiologist Olena Livinska

The Whole Truth About Bacteria, Probiotics and Fiber by Microbiologist Olena Livinska

There is a great deal of data on beneficial and malignant bacteria. We believe that the appendix is a useless rudiment and probiotics are inefficient. Is it actually so?

Olena Livinska the founder of Microbe and I informational platform, helps us to gain insight into this.

Let’s examine the infographics clarifying the concept of digestive microbiome and methods of its improvement.

Correlation between bacteria and cells in the body is 10:1

It sounds great and impressive, although the correlation is a bit lower. The number of bacteria in our body is approximately 1:1 to its cells.

Needless appendix

It’s not like that. The appendix is a kind of vessel storing samples of our microbiota. It will be recovered even after intestinal infections if necessary.

Fiber is useful in any quantity

No doubt, fiber is an extremely important component keeping gastrointestinal tract health and nourishing out microbiota. In fact, we consume an insufficient amount of fiber. However, do not forget that a too high percentage of it in the diet can result in digestive system discomfort.

Store-bought yoghurts have no beneficial bacteria

There is a perception that industrially made yoghurts do not contain any living lactic acid bacteria. They reportedly fail to survive in such products. In reality, strains of beneficial microorganisms used for these purposes are specially selected. They are able to stay alive in product preservation conditions within several weeks.

Harmful yeast

No research data can prove the harm from yeast as of today. Besides, it dies during bread baking. Sour dough of so-called unfermented bread also contains yeast.

Spices can prevent poisoning

It’s partially true. Spices have been consumed to slow down food bacteria development for a long time. However, take into account that a range of antibacterial actions in this case is quite limited. Moreover, spices can cause poisoning. You should adhere to storage precautions and add spices at the thermal processing stage.

Unhelpful probiotics

We describe probiotics as agents containing living bacteria. Various strains can feature diverse characteristics and efficiency. Therefore, selecting such drugs, you should pay attention to the full name of the microbial strain and the amount of bacteria in one dose to gain maximum benefits.

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