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Informative presentations, Practical Lessons and Giveaways: Results of Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020

The first Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020 was organized on November 11, highlighting the efficient ways to promote health, prolong youth and achieve longevity.

Event has been attended by qualified specialists of various profiles. They analyzed the peculiarities and needs of the human body from different points of view, shared the results of scientific research, analyzed modern methods of improving the body and brain and conducted workshops. Busy program of the event allowed guests not only to receive useful knowledge, but also to learn to use it in real life.

Conference featured a demo area where exhibitors presented products designed to control health and improve wellbeing.

What did the speakers talk about?

12 experts made presentations at the event. Doctor of superior expert category Lyudmyla Turova and a host of health TV shows Maryna Zaderko moderated the conference.

Ways to achieve longevity

The audience was highly interested in the presentation of biogerontologist and founder of the School of longevity Oleksandr Kolyada. He talked about how biohacking differs from a healthy lifestyle, about the factors that trigger the aging process, and analyzed modern approaches to life extension.

The scientist identified three main ways to achieve longevity: physiological, pharmacological and genetic engineering. He pointed out that in order to increase life expectancy, attention must be paid to the quality of nutrition and sleep, as well as to physical activities.

Diet correction using DNA analysis

Dietarian, immunologist and the founder of Goncharova Clinic Lyudmyla Goncharova explained in her speech what tools shall we use to stay healthy, energetic and in good physical shape.

The expert claims that DNA analysis allows us to study the peculiarities of our body and determine food products that are useful or, on the contrary, harmful for a particular person. Based on genetic test results, doctor can choose the best diet for the patient, which includes products containing substances and phytonutrients that are best absorbed by the body.

Possibilities of genetic scissors

Presentation by Olha Chaplya, Candidate of Sciences in Biology, was dedicated to features and prospects of CRISPR – genome editing technology that got the Nobel Prize for two scientists in 2020. According to the speaker, CRISPR is not the first tool for genome editing, but compared to other techniques, it is easier to use and is more efficient.

Olha emphasized that ‘genetic scissors’ can be used for epigenetic modification, regulation of genes, improvement of agricultural plants quality, etc.

Prospects for the use of noncoding RNA in therapy

Vasyl Nagibin, a pathophysiologist and a Candidate of Medical Sciences, spoke about the features and types of non-coding RNAs. Using his own research as an example, he explained RNA potential in treatment of certain diseases and risks that can be encountered when using this type of therapy.

Methods for dealing with stress

How to preserve health and cope with stress? Professor and Doctor of Biological Sciences Nana Voytenko tried to answer that question. The expert pointed out part of the brain where emotions are formed and how this process occurs. She analyzed the issue of stress and gave recommendations on how to reduce the level of cortisol in the body. The scientist noted that it is possible to stabilize the emotional state with the help of physical activity and meditation.

Face fitness to harmonize the internal and external state

The conference attendees listened carefully to presentation by Olena Rossoshynska, the founder of International Face Fitness Academy. She explained why it is important to manage emotions and conducted a workshop in facial gymnastics. Guests of the event, together with the speaker, performed several simple exercises that help to control facial expressions and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Using the examples of her students, Olena demonstrated how face fitness can help to improve appearance, get rid of age-related changes, become younger and better-looking.

Improving mental health with meditation

Hlib Khodorovskyi, coach of corporate mindfulness programs, spoke about the mental health biohacking. Speaker outlined the main advantages of the mindfulness technique. Among the advantages of this type of meditation, he distinguished a stress reduction, prevention of emotional burnout, and an increase in the quality of sleep.

And during the practical part of the presentation, guests of the event were able to try one of the methods of meditation helping to improve concentration.

Prevention of age-related changes, health management, the benefits of sports and the role of viruses in human life

Geneticist Lyudmyla Turova reviewed biohacking from the perspective of predictive medicine and clinical genetics. The speaker explained how to manage health and increase productivity using knowledge about the characteristics of the genetic code. Separately, she analyzed whether it is possible to cheat heredity and change DNA.

In her presentation, virologist Nadiya Zholobak gave a definition to such concepts as ‘virome’ and ‘microbiome’, spoke about the effect of microbes on the brain and the benefits of transient microorganisms. In addition, she revealed what the human body would be like if there were no viruses and microbes.

Presentation titled “Personalized antiaging therapy – from science to practice” was covered by Candidate of Sciences in Biology Oleh Lushchak. He identified the factors that determine the speed of aging. Expert also gave examples of substances that can affect life expectancy and named the possible side effects.

Candidate of Sciences in Biology Oleksandr Skorokhod spoke about the influence of physical activity on life expectancy. The speaker talked about the benefits of running and revealed the secrets of the correct approach to training. He also shared his personal experience of participating in marathons.

During her speech, chemist Yulia Gagarina drew attention to external factors that contribute to human aging. She presented a brief overview of an algae-derived ingredient that influences the non-coding RNA protein, helping to improve the quality of the epidermis.

Highlights from the demo area

Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020 demo area featured products and gadgets for maintaining health, strengthening immunity, restoring the body vitality, skin care and other purposes. Guests could test products, consult with exhibitors and purchase products they liked.

The following companies were present as participants in the demo zone:

  • Key resource – a developer of innovative products in the segment of life technology.

  • Algotherm – a manufacturer of cosmetic products for skin care.

  • Healy – a German company that produces a wearable device assisting in preservation of health and wellness.

  • KetoRaketa – manufacturer of LCHF-, keto- and vegan products.

Smile-Expo team thanks the exhibitors for their participation in the conference and looks forward to further fruitful cooperation!

Physical activity break and giveaways from the informational partner

As part of Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020, Doberman fitness club organized physical activity breaks and giveaways as a media partner of the event.

Thus, during the pauses between the presentations, the professional coach Ruslan Anisimov conducted five-minute training sessions, where the guests could relax and stretch their muscles.

And at the end of the event, they organized a giveaway of two fitness studio subscriptions, one gym subscription with a discount, two massage sessions and a discount on 10 massage sessions.

Smile-Expo team would like to thank the speakers, exhibitors and guests for their participation in the event. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our following events.