Post-Release 2021

On Mental Health, Nutrition Optimization and Longevity Mechanisms: Results of the Second Biohacking Conference Kyiv

The second Biohacking Conference Kyiv took place on November 16, uniting the leading experts in the field of medicine, neuropsychology, dietetics, genetics and other areas aimed at improving health and prolonging life.

14 speakers were featured at the event. The moderators included a popular TV presenter, experienced journalist Maryna Zaderko and clinical geneticist, Candidate of Medical Sciences Lyudmyla Turova.

Event also presented a demo zone, where exhibitors showcased new methods of treatment, developments and services designed to improve well-being and achieve longevity.

What did the speakers talk about?

On adjusting nutrition and maintaining youthful skin

The guests of the event were greatly impressed by the presentation of Svitlana Fus, the founder of Weight normalization center and an expert on various TV shows on Ukrainian channels. She listed the main principles of nutrition in modern living conditions, analyzed popular diets and named the mistakes that people most often make when forming their diet.

Functional and anti-age medicine specialist Viktoria Krasekha spoke about health and beauty from the point of view of medicine aimed at prolonging youth. She explained how sleep disturbances, stress and hormones affect skin aging.

Elina Manzhaliy, CEO at Global Longevity Institute and anti-age expert explained what life expectancy checks are. The speaker also described the methods of slowing down aging.

The audience was keenly interested in the speech of the nutritionist of the leading Ukrainian athletes Ekateryna Tolstikova. She covered the topic of nutritional optimization as part of anti-aging medicine.

The report of Olena Rossoshynska, the founder of International Face Fitness Academy was dedicated to the topic “Face fitness as a leading field of the natural beauty industry”. The speaker told how to maintain youthful skin without resorting to beauty injections. Also, as part of the event, she held a workshop, where she showed effective exercises for maintaining beauty.

The role of genetics in human life

Head of the laboratory of epigenetics at D.F. Chebotarev Institute of Gerontology at the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine Dmytro Krasnenkov told about the mechanisms of longevity and ways to overcome old age.

Nataliia Vladykina, a geneticist, obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category explained how genes affect health and what myths exist around their polymorphisms.

On increasing concentration of attention and speed of reactions

The guests were also impressed by the presentation of the brain development coach Viktor Rublev. He shared life hacks to improve cognitive abilities. The expert explained how to increase the productivity of the brain and do more through mental training.

The question of why mental health is the basis of longevity was revealed by the neuropsychologist and certified specialist in the field of emotional intelligence Marina Vezhis.

The first Ukrainian neuropsychologist Bohdan Tkach and a member of the Association of Neuropsychologists of Ukraine Olha Bogataya spoke about how to upgrade the system of life and business with the help of neuropsychology and neurotechnologies. In an interactive format, they presented a neurocomputer interface designed to exchange information between the brain and an electronic device.

The uniqueness of the immune system

Borys Donskoy, Candidate of Sciences in Biology shared advice on how to maintain immunity and prevent the development of diseases. He also talked about how the immune system influences the creation of a unique immunological personality.

Meditation as a stress management method

Yan Tian, ​​ certified coach of transcendental meditation and Maharishi yoga asanas made a presentation on the topic “Energy balance: How to stay resourceful”, where he spoke about the influence of consciousness on human longevity. Also, within the framework of the conference, the specialist conducted a short meditation session.

About traditional and innovative methods of treating diseases

Bioinformation technology specialist Mikhail Ryabikhin spoke about the main principles of Sun of Tibet clinic and the methods of treatment that it uses.

Sponsor of Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2021

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What was shown in the demo zone?

The demo zone was attended by leading suppliers of products and services for diagnosing the body and improving its performance:

  • Laboratoriya Dr. Redgera – an official representative of MDI Limbach Berlin GmbH in Ukraine. It collaborates with the best German doctors and has been providing the highest quality services to its patients for about 20 years. Today, the laboratory conducts more than 8000 testign procedures.

  • Daigo – produces premium organic products for health that meet international GMP standards. All of the company's products are manufactured in Japan by B&S Corporation.

  • Sun of Tibet bioinformatics therapy clinic –consults on various diseases, including diabetes mellitus, hypertension, allergies, overweight, atopic dermatitis, helminthiasis and others. Also, the clinic's experts help to improve the body's performance, normalize cholesterol levels, increase immunity.

Media partners of the conference

Conference attendees listened to the speakers' presentations enjoying the natural taste of mineral water from the General Water Partner – Borjomi.

The General Informational Media Partner of the conference was FOCUS – a Ukrainian socio-political magazine and the Internet resource.

The status of a General HR Partner was obtained by #1 job search website in Ukraine –

The organizing team would like to thank the speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, media partners and guests for their interest in the event. We are waiting for you at our next events!